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When you are comparing bank accounts but are unsure as to which one you should sign up with, make sure you do a comparison of profiles to help you make the right choice.

There are two profiles to choose from: High transactor (35 transactions a month) and low transactor (10 transactions a month).

Once you have made this selection, you can rate the available bank account options and work out which ones will likely suit your finances, based on a range of different factors, including: 

  • Fee structure: How low the fees are and how complicated or easy their structures are for customers to understand?
  • Interest rates: Not only if they offer a high interest rate but also whether they are consistent. A bank account will not be rated well if the interest rate continually changes dramatically and constantly.
  • Customer service: How friendly and helpful customer service is in terms of how long you have to wait to speak to someone, if they were able to answer any of your questions clearly and how long it took? Also, how you receive this customer service communication, whether it is a call centre or an email or by post.
  • Features: What features does the account include such as internet access, branch facilities, a debit card or a debit MasterCard or Visa card?

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Transferring money from PayPal to an Australian bank account is simple. Just follow these three steps:

  • Go to your Wallet
  • Click ‘Transfer Money’
  • Follow the instructions

The money will take three to seven business days to reach your bank account.

Once you’ve made the transfer request, it can’t be withdrawn.

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