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Great Aussie road trip under threat

28th of December 2013

The future of the great Aussie road trip is falling out of favour as young people increasingly turn their backs on driving holidays and embrace cheap airfares instead, research shows.

Turn green into gold

5th of September 2013

Taking an eco-friendly outlook isn’t just about rewarding the environment. It’s possible to turn ‘green’ into gold with environmentally-aware money management.

Women better drivers than men, research

17th of July 2013

A new study has finally settled the debate of which sex is best when it comes to motoring.

What not to do after an accident

6th of July 2013

Car accidents are one of the more stressful situations we face in modern, particularly urban, life. With the best will in the world, they do happen. Here're a few simple rules that will help you cope with the immediate aftermath of a car accident, especially in relation to your car insurance.

Budget cars more expensive to maintain

15th of June 2013

Motorists are being warned to look beyond the sticker price when buying a car and to factor in post-sales costs such as servicing, car insurance and a vehicle’s fuel economy, after new research found some budget-priced vehicles can cost more to maintain than a luxury car.

Car insurance premiums soar

27th of May 2013

The average car insurance premium has increased by 7.95 percent and is well above the nation’s inflation rate of 2.5 percent.

Boomers more accident prone than Gen Y

11th of May 2013

The “at-risk” generation Y group filed fewer than 10 percent of all claims in the past three years. By comparison, baby boomers accounted for almost 40 percent of all claims made in the same period.

Would you give up privacy to save money?

8th of May 2013

Telematics – the combining of telecommunications and informatics in cars to make them smarter – enables insurance companies to monitor and measure driver behaviours, including how they use their cars.

Modifications that can boost value

22nd of April 2013

Install the right optional extras and they could end up paying for themselves, research suggests.

Driving dangerously this Easter could cost you

30th of March 2013

Aside from the obvious physical threats of dangerous driving, an offense behind the wheel – or loss of licence – could see motorists face increased car insurance bills for years to come.