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Credit Cards vs Personal Loans vs Payday Loans

Three of the most popular methods for borrowing a bit of extra cash are credit cards, personal loans and payday loans. Each of these loan types have their share of benefits and drawbacks, making them better suited to different financial circumstances.

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Top travel cards for 2017

For the lucky holiday makers who are heading overseas, taking the right credit card can make all the difference when it comes to spending fees and charges.

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Should you share a credit card with your partner or your kids?

Credit cards are pretty handy, and immensely versatile, however they also come with great risk. The innocent-looking piece of plastic sitting in your wallet is essentially a license to get yourself into enormous, nigh-unpayable debt.

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Signs you may have a debt problem

Australians have a complex relationship with debt. In 2014, RateCity found that 42% of young people under the age of 24 have between $10,000 and $30,000 of personal debt, not including a mortgage. More than half (56%) of Generation Y’s with a credit card were found to have never had a $0 balance on their credit card in the previous year, and 63% were not aware what interest rate they were paying.

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Best 2017 balance transfer deals for a Christmas debt hangover

If you spent a little too much over the silly season and are expecting a big credit card bill in the mail come February, then it’s time to lock in a low rate balance transfer deal to get on top of your debt.

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How to pay off your credit card debt on a low income

In the past year, major cardholders planned to carry forward $19 billion worth of debt according to research conducted by Roy Morgan.

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Which banks offer Apple Pay in Australia?

Apple’s digital wallet platform Apple Pay has had somewhat of a controversial start in Australia. An early deal between Apple and ANZ gave customers first access to the feature, however, a subsequent stand-off between Apple and the remaining Big 4 banks has seen the spread stop there.

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Best credit cards for Christmas 2016

It’s no secret that Australian’s love to shop on credit cards, with almost $32 billion in debt owing across the nation. Add the Christmas shopping rush on top of that and it’s highly likely that many of us will be giving our plastic a serious workout over the coming months.

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