St.George Bank

Amplify Credit Card

Looking for a credit card with low rates and no annual fees? St George credit cards give you the assurance and freedom of a regular credit card with the addition of fantastic value and added security when you need it. Their Vertigo MasterCard offers low rates on purchases whilst their Platinum Visa Card or Platinum MasterCard credit card combines prestige with the ultimate rewards program and benefits.

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Company St.George Bank
Purchase Intro Rate N/A
Balance Transfer 0.99% (6 months)
Revert Rate 19.49%
Interest Rate 19.49%
Annual Fee $79
Card Type Visa
Interest Free Days 55
Late Payment Fee $9
Minimum Repayment $10
Minimum Repayment 2%
Card Level Standard
Star Rating Big Spender
Star Rating Everyday Spender
Star Rating Habitual Spender
Star Rating Occasional Spender
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