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University Credit Society or Unicredit as it is commonly known was founded in 1964 by employees of the Chemistry Department at the University of Western Australia. Membership to the credit society was originally restricted to staff, but today membership is now open to all Community Members. Unicredit continues to operate as a traditional credit union and offers a full and diversified range of financial services and products including savings accounts, investment accounts and personal loans.
Extra Conditions Purchase intro rates are generally not applicable when doing a balance transfer. Please check details on the card providers' website.
Company Unicredit-WA
Purchase Intro Rate 0.00% (6 months)
Balance Transfer 0.00% (6 months)
Revert Rate 21.74%
Interest Rate 20.24%
Annual Fee $99
Card Type Other
Interest Free Days 55
Late Payment Fee $10
Minimum Repayment $30
Minimum Repayment 2.00%
Card Level Platinum
Star Rating Big Spender
Star Rating Everyday Spender
Star Rating Habitual Spender
Star Rating Occasional Spender Not Rated

Selected cards ranked by ongoing or initial purchase rate for a minimum 10 month term.

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