Foreign Exchange

Comparing foreign exchange rates is a great tool for travellers who want to know how much, or how little, money you will end up with once you step off the plane to your exotic destination.

The foreign exchange operates by converting one countries currency into another. The exchange determines how much you will end up getting for your Australian dollar based on the strength of the Aussie dollar, as well the strength of the currency you are converting too.

A foreign exchange calculator is a great way to estimate how far your money will go whilst you are travelling overseas and can even be a great tool to work out where to go overseas. If the AUD is going strong and is almost on par with the USD – a shopping tour of Los Angeles might be more affordable than a trip to Paris if their euro is much stronger than our dollar.

Remember, while one dollar is a dollar in Australia it can be as much as 11,000 rupiahs in Indonesia and as little as 54 pounds in the United Kingdom. So do your research and use our foreign exchange calculator to calculate the currency conversions before you pack your bags.

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