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Are honeymoon rates the best mortgage option?

Honeymoon rate mortgages are also known as introductory mortgages because banks often tempt you with a low rate for the first few years of your home loan. RateCity has found some of the lowest rates on introductory mortgage rates to bring you one step closer to your new home.

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Are fixed rate mortgages right for you?

Fixing your rate at just the right time can save you thousands. Ratecity.com.au shows you some of the lowest fixed rate mortgages in Australia. Compare over 2000 mortgages and find the best for you.

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What is a fixed rate home loan?

When the market is changing and rates are on the rise, many home loan customers choose to lock in the current rate for a fixed number of years. .

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Introductory rate home loans

When you're comparing home loans, the ones with the lowest rates always jump out first. This is because banks usually offer a discounted rate for an introductory period to lure in the new customers.

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Tips: variable rate home loans

Variable home loans are the standard loans that most people apply for. Compare thousands of variable home loans to find the most suitable for you.

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First home owners grant

First Home Owners Grant

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First home buyer loan

Compare first home buyer loans from Australia's top banks and institutions at RateCity. Search by lowest interest rate, and compare features such as loan protection insurance and mortgage offset

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Home loans for business owners

While business owners have a strong hold over their day to day business affairs it can be difficult for them to get a home loan due to lack of financial paperwork. A low doc loan is specifically designed with the self-employed in mind.

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