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Fixed vs. Variable rate loans

Whether you are buying your first home, refinancing or purchasing an investment property, make sure you compare the best home loans on the market to see if home ownership is a good financial step for you.

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Comparing Australian home loans

Comparing the abundance of home loans in Australia can be daunting. The Australian home loan market is a competitive field between Australia's big banks, credit unions and building societies

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Best home loans: Research, calculate and compare

When it comes to finding the best home loan it pays to do your research, calculate your repayments and compare loans. What are the most important factors to consider when meeting with a home loan lender?

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Mortgage rate statistics and tools

For the most comprehensive list of competitive mortgage rates available on the market see our home loans table. Or to compare some of the cheapest products and features in Australia use our mortgage comparison tools.

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The real cost of buying your first home

Deciding when you are ready to buy your first home plagues a lot of people. It's a big financial commitment and as most of us know, life doesn't always go according to plan. The biggest factor for most is the monthly repayments but often we overlook the other home loan costs that come with purchasing our first home.

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Compare top home loan rates

Taking up a home loan is such a big decision that it's always best to look beyond familiar territory to find the bargains in the market. Compare top home loan rates at RateCity.com.au.

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Apply for a home loan

A home loan is a big step, which is why you want to make sure that it's the right one for you before you sign.

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Variable rate mortgages

Variable mortgages are the market standard, with a range of features that allow you to choose the frequency of your repayments, and facilities for redraw.

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