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What is a mortgage broker?

Home Loans2 min read

Is the cheapest home loan always the best?

We all want to pay as little for our mortgage as possible, but it would be wrong to assume that lower-rate products are automatically better.

Home Loans3 min read

What the new bank levy could cost you

One surprise to come out of Australia’s 2017 Federal Budget was the introduction of a new 'budget repair' levy on Australia’s big banks.

Home Loans5 min read

Why more Australians are rentvesting

‘Rentvesting’ is an option being taken by some younger Australians who want to enter the property market but don’t want to live in the outer suburbs.

Home Loans3 min read

Good debt and bad debt – how to consolidate and save

Even if you didn’t pay much attention to the 2017 federal budget, you may remember how it was presented a little differently. Rather than focusing solely on surpluses versus deficits, the federal government sorted its borrowing into "good debt" and "bad debt".

Home Loans7 min read

Looking beyond the rate – other home loan features to get excited about

Many of us get hung up on interest rates when comparing different home loans. It’s easy to understand why – “the lower the rate, the better the loan” is a very simple formula to understand.

Home Loans5 min read

Don’t make this big refinancing mistake!

The main reason people refinance their home loan is to save money. But sometimes people make a crucial mistake and actually lose money.

Home Loans2 min read

How offset accounts can strip years off your home loan

Unless you have a bachelor degree in finance, really smart friends or a great financial advisor, you may never learn all the tricks of the trade. For instance, did you know that offset accounts reward the conscious saver by saving you thousands in interest charges and shaving years of your loan term?

Home Loans2 min read

Do I look at the property first or the mortgage?

One of the biggest mistakes house hunters can make is to start looking for a property before locking in their finance.

Home Loans3 min read
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