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Looking beyond the rate – other home loan features to get excited about

Many of us get hung up on interest rates when comparing different home loans. It’s easy to understand why – “the lower the rate, the better the loan” is a very simple formula to understand.

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What is the refinancing Fast Track process?

In your refinancing research you may have come across something known as the fast track refinancing process. This refers to a specific type of refinancing, offered by some lenders, that allows the borrower to get their new loan settled in approximately three days if no physical property valuation is required.

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Home Loans Guide – Step 7 of 7 – Fees & Charges

Home Loan Deposit - Step by Step guide 7 with Laine Lister - the ins and outs of mortgage fees and charges.

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25 years versus 30 years home loan terms

There are a lot of decisions that have to be made when choosing a home loan. One of the most important is the loan term length. When you are paying off a loan over such a long time, five years give or take, doesn’t seem like much but it can make all the difference financially.

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What are owner-occupied home loans?

While the investment property market in Australia is on the rise, there are still plenty of Aussie home buyers looking for a house they can move straight into and make their home. When carrying out your home loan calculations make sure you look at owner-occupied home loans.

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Could you be eligible for a low doc home loan?

If your financial situation is best described as “complicated” you may find it difficult to secure a standard home loan with most lenders. Even if it is through no fault of your own, such as losing your job or a failed business venture, lenders have certain lending criteria they uphold for their protection and for yours.

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