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The Trump Factor – Will fixed rates protect you from volatility?

When US President Trump was first elected, a wave of uncertainty washed over the world of finance, causing investors to seek safe havens for their wealth. The 45th president’s election victory led to the price of gold breaking through the US$1300 an ounce mark, while US treasuries rose 10 points. There was also speculation that investors could start moving their money from shares to property – specifically Australian property, generally considered to be one of the safest markets in the world – as they wait to see the fallout.

5 min read

The benefits of line of credit loans

Do you want more financial freedom? Have you got equity in existing property? Would you like to consolidate your finances? A line of credit loan may give you access to funds to purchase another property, invest in shares or take a well-deserved holiday.

4 min read

Using your home equity to refinance

Whatever your reason for thinking about refinancing your home loan, your ability to do so will depend on a variety of factors, with your amount of available equity being one of the most important.

6 min read

Should you switch or negotiate a better rate?

Refinancing your home loan is a significant decision, and one that’s worth giving some proper consideration before taking the plunge. By following RateCity’s six-step process, you can accurately assess the current state of your personal finances, where you would like them to be, and determine whether switching from one lender to another will ultimately be worth it.

7 min read

Home loan break costs

Before 1 July 2011, if you had wanted to cancel your home loan contract before the loan term expired, you would have usually incurred break costs.

3 min read
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