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Compare Home loans in Brisbane


Home loans in Brisbane 

The most populous city in the large state of Queensland, Brisbane has become a popular choice for homeowners and investors due to the great lifestyle and high levels of employment in the city’s CBD. The property market in the city is generally stable with steady price growth and high rental tenancy rates. It can be a good choice for people looking to live in a capital city without the cost and congestion of Sydney or Melbourne.

What do I need to know about Brisbane?

Residents of Brisbane live on either the north or south side of the city with the Brisbane River dividing the two areas. The CBD and popular Southbank precinct are situated on both sides of the river. The CBD has both heritage and modern buildings intermingled with historic churches and memorials. Due to its shopping and restaurants, man-made beach and cultural centres, Brisbane is a popular tourist destination, with thousands of international and interstate visitors converging on the city each year. It is also in close driving distance of Queensland’s secondary tourist attraction, the Gold Coast, with its great beaches and theme parks.   

What is Brisbane’s economy and property market like?

In addition to a thriving tourism sector, Brisbane is the centre of the local and state administration and governance as well as having several information technology and financial businesses. The city is the headquarters of several multinational companies. The city also features the Port of Brisbane from which a variety of goods are exported to other Australian ports and overseas. Those industries have proven more stable than some, particularly the mining and resources sector, and have contributed to the city’s stable economy and good employment figures. The property market, therefore, is steady with mostly positive growth and high tenancy rates. There are land shortages in some popular and inner city suburbs with a resulting increase in apartment building in these areas.   

Why should I get a home loan in Brisbane?

Brisbane’s stable economy and employment levels make it attractive to families looking for a lifestyle change and investors looking for a reliable income source. Despite this, demand for housing in Brisbane is not as high as in similar cities, such as, Melbourne and Sydney. The city does have land towards the south of the city that is still being developed and is increasing supply. Housing affordability is therefore quite good, although properties are more expensive than in more isolated capital cities, such as, Perth, Hobart and Darwin. The home loan sector is managed mostly by the federal government and has similar regulations to other cities in Australia.

What potential problems could I encounter?

Due to Brisbane’s CBD being situated around a river system, there can be high demand for riverside, ‘lifestyle’ properties in the city’s inner suburbs. This can reduce the amount of available properties and you will need a high-range budget to purchase in these areas. Also due to many heritage properties being located in the city - mainly in the inner suburbs - there are many state and federal regulations that govern the purchase, development and renovation of the properties. Lastly, you will have to pay the usual stamp duty, land taxes and rates that are generally required from local and state governments. You should research these costs when budgeting your property buying process.

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