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If you are a first home buyer, refinancing your loan, or purchasing a commercial property, Citibank home loans can help you get you get your foot in the property market with confidence and ease. Choose from fixed or variable interest, a revolving line of credit, an offset loan or mix and match loan combinations that work for you. For a more thorough appraisal of their home lending products you can contact Citibank and discuss your options and financial approach with a Mortgage Specialists.

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Company Citi
Initial Monthly Repayment $1,489.25 per month
Total Repayment $539,356.67
Introductory Rate N/A
Advertised Rate 5.94% Variable
Comparison Rate 6.08%
Rate Type Variable
Introductory Ongoing Fees $8 Monthly
Ongoing fees after intro/fixed period $8 Monthly
Up Front Fees $649
Max LVR 90%
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Product Features

This home loan feature offers the ability to have a portion of the loan charged at a fixed rate of interest and the balance attracts a variable rate of interest (eg 30% fixed and 70% variable)
Regular additional payments allowed as in weekly or fortnightly
Additional bulk repayment allowed, usually on an ad hoc basis
Is this loan available for construction purposes?
A mortgage that allows you to release one home and substitute another using the same documentation, usually to reduce stamp duty costs
The interest is charged only on the amount that is progressively drawn
A redraw facility gives you the flexibility to put more money towards the loan when you have cash available, whilst knowing you can access your extra repayments later on if you wish to.
Product is restricted to First Home Buyers
Does this loan allow for a partial or full offset deposit account facility?
Does this loan allow for full offset?
Mortgages with an introductory rate usually offer a discounted interest rate for an introductory period. Be sure to check what the revert rate is so you don't get stung by an unexpected interest rate rise.
Reverse mortgages are typically available to seniors who convert the equity from their home into cash. The money obtained through a reverse mortgage is usually used to provide people with financial security in their retirement years.
This type of loan can be like an overdraft facility that is secured against your existing property, where interest is charged only on what you have used and is charged to your account on a monthly basis.
Low doc loans and are a type of mortgage that is available for borrowers who cannot prove their income and cannot provide all of the regular paperwork required for standard home loans such as tax returns and pay slips.
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