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Market recovery: More home buyers hitting the market

Mortgage applications in Australia may have hit their lowest point in eight years, but there are some indications a slow, upward climb has begun. Veda Advantage's quarterly Consumer Credit Demand Index found mortgage enquiries during the October to December 2010 quarter were up 3.4 percent compared with the September quarter.

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Australians look toward first home buyers for growth

January Demand for newly built property has been leading the growth of home loans at the end of 2010, echoing the initial damage of the Brisbane floods. But with interest rates expected to climb this year, there are high hopes first home buyers will boost the market back into more lively days.

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Property market predictions for 2011

Despite rising interest rates in late 2010, the new year may be a great time to buy a home, according to some mortgage experts. After a turbulent year, Australian Property Monitors is predicting the property market for 2011 to be slightly quieter and buyers are expected to take their time considering their housing and mortgage options.

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Australia v the world: How do our property prices rate?

When it comes to buying property in Australia, just how expensive is it compared to the rest of the world. Out of 90 cities worldwide, Sydney was 19 on the list of the world's most expensive cities to buy property per square metre according to Global Property Guide.

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More properties on the market but auctions not popular choice

As more home owners place their properties on the market, many are diverting away from putting them under the hammer. According to new research from RP Data, there has been an increase in the number of properties for sale through professional listings during the second week of November.

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