Yellow Brick Road Home Loans

Founded in 2007, Yellow Brick Road focuses on providing its customers with access to financial products and services like home loans, financial planning, insurance, superannuation and investment advice. As a full service wealth management company, Yellow Brick Road provides advice through a series of wealth managers who work from its extensive nationwide branch network. Yellow Brick Road offers loans from a broad range of lenders, in addition to their own catalogue of home loan products.

Yellow Brick Road Rate Smasher

The Yellow Brick Road Rate Smasher Loan is a straightforward home loan which gives borrowers access to a low rate home loan without the added features of the Empower Package Loan. This fuss-free variable loan has no ongoing monthly or annual fees and gives variable rate customers the added bonus of making unlimited additional repayments. The main feature of this loan is the low rate. Borrowers looking for an offset account in addition to other features should consider the Empower Package Loan.

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Yellow Brick Road Empower Loan

The Yellow Brick Road Empower Home Loan provides both homeowner and investment borrowers with a flexible home loan which has no ongoing monthly or annual loan fees. Borrowers paying a variable rate have the option of making unlimited additional repayments. This loan is appealing to borrowers with smaller deposits as they can borrow up to 95 percent of the property price or can make use of the family guarantee option to bridge any deposit shortfall. Other loan perks include flexible repayment options, a split loan option, a rate lock feature in addition to a construction option. This loan does not have an offset account and the redraw facility only applies to variable interest rate loans.

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Yellow Brick Road Empower Package Loan

The Yellow Brick Road Empower Package Loan has all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a major home loan. Packed with flexible features, this home loan package comes with a 100 per cent offset account, which borrowers can use to offset interest.

This loan has a maximum loan term of 30 years and can be used to borrow up to 95 per cent of the property value. Borrowers have the added bonus of paying interest-only for five years, in addition to splitting this loan between both fixed and variable interest rates. Other loan perks include additional repayments, a family guarantee option, flexible repayment options and an interest in advance option.

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Home Loans from Yellow Brick Road

  • Wide network of branches and financial consultants.
  • Loans have competitive interest rates.
  • Opportunity to bundle loans into an Empower Package.
  • Some loans have ongoing fees.
  • Some loans have limited features.
Customer Service

Yellow Brick Road customers can contact a local broker by calling the customer service hotline, filling out the online enquiry form or popping into their local Yellow Brick Road branch.

✓     Customer service centre (phone)

✓     Mobile app

✓     Online banking

✓     Email

✓     Branch

✓     Mobile banking staff

Applying and Eligibility

Customers wanting to apply for a Yellow Brick Road home loan can apply by filling out an enquiry form or by meeting with their local Yellow Brick Road Wealth Adviser. Before applying for a home loan it is advisable to think about how much money you could conceivably borrow given your financial situation and income. You will also need to provide documentation when applying for a home loan. This will include:

  • Name and contact details of each borrower.
  • Proof of income and employment including pay slips.
  • List of income and expenses including credit card loans and car loans.
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