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Tough times for first home buyers

24th of April 2014

Anyone trying to buy a home in Australia knows our property prices are among the highest in the world. As a result, it can be particularly hard for first home buyers to break into the market.

Negative gearing update

22nd of April 2014

There have been calls for its abolishment in the past, and now reports suggest the federal government is at least considering changes to negative gearing.

Are you financial ready to fly the nest?

21st of April 2014

Deciding to fly the nest and leave the security of your parent’s humble abode can be daunting – especially if you are soaring towards your first home loan. Besides being emotionally prepared for regular home loan repayments and long-term investments there are a lot of other questions you should be asking yourself.

Home versus baby: Can you tackle both?

19th of April 2014

Starting a family is a happy and exciting time, but it can also be financially stressful transitioning from two incomes to one while taking on the extra costs that come with a newborn.

What every first home buyer needs to know

5th of April 2014

Buying a home is a big commitment, both financially and emotionally. There is quite a lot to plan, organise and consider during the process, besides simply securing a home loan, so here is our list of what every first home buyer should know.

Are you ready to buy an investment property?

28th of March 2014

Property investment is a popular wealth creation strategy in Australia, and it’s easy to see why. Houses and apartments can be easier to understand than the share market, not to mention less volatile, and a shortage of stock can guarantee a steady capital gains trajectory.

Is now a good time to buy a home?

24th of March 2014

If you already own your home, the good news is that its value is likely to steadily increase this year.

Mutual benefits: what’s a non-bank?

20th of March 2014

Unlike the publicly listed big banks, which have a responsibility to maximise profits for shareholders, credit unions, mutual building societies and mutual banks focus on their members – or customers.

How to identify a property hot spot

17th of March 2014

Buying property does not automatically guarantee financial success. But make a sound purchase, choose a home loan wisely, and a buyer stands to gain tens of thousands of dollars, even in a slow property market.

Five tips to shrink your home loan

15th of March 2014

Your home loan doesn’t have to rule your life forever. Follow these five smart tips to shrink your debt and own your home faster.

Five steps towards a financially secure future

10th of March 2014

Think you’re too young to start planning towards a financially secure future? Think again. There are simple steps you can take to start managing your money early and take control of your financial security.

Top five risks of renovating

8th of March 2014

If you are considering improving your home or are keen to get into the renovate-and-sell game, there are five risks you should keep in mind.

The ins and outs of stamp duty

1st of March 2014

There are many costs associated with buying a home, and stamp duty is probably the biggest.

The trick that could add $100,000 to your home

22nd of February 2014

In a competitive marketplace, selling a home is no longer a straightforward transaction. But there is a trick that you can use to help add value.

The hidden costs of buying a home

17th of February 2014

Most of us will spend years saving for a reasonable deposit before finally holding the keys to our dream home in our hand, but there are more hidden costs in buying a home than you may realise. It pays to be prepared for these costs and to budget for them.

How to minimise the stress of buying a home

8th of February 2014

Whether you are buying your first home or have prior experience, the process is likely to be emotionally charged and stressful. But you can certainly minimise your stress levels with the right amount of preparation and research.

Where are Australia’s next property hot spots?

7th of February 2014

The tail end of 2013 was a lucrative time for property investors and home owners alike as property prices across Australia boomed thanks to improved confidence and low interest rates.

Home inspection guide

1st of February 2014

You could be searching for your first home, upgrading from a bachelor pad to a family home or downsizing after the kids have moved out – whatever your circumstances, visiting countless open houses can leave you suffering sensory overload and feeling confused.

Apartments on the rise

29th of January 2014

As most would-be homebuyers know all too well, Australia suffers from a housing supply shortage, which experts cite as one of the reasons property prices are among the highest in the world.

Weddings are costing couples home deposits

26th of January 2014

It seems the Australian dream of home ownership is shifting, as couples begin to place more financial importance on a single day instead – their wedding day!

Is now the right time to fix?

23rd of January 2014

To fix or not to fix? Latest inflation figures have changed the outlook for interest rates in Australia.

How to buy an investment property interstate

18th of January 2014

Most property investors usually start with a property in an area they know well, or at least in the city in which they live. But buying a property investment in another state is also a smart strategic move – and if prices in your own city have reached their zenith, it can be more affordable.

Pros and cons of buying off the plan

11th of January 2014

With capital cities across Australia suffering from a housing shortage – which subsequently pushes up property prices – the proliferation of new developments is seen as contributing to meeting the housing needs of our growing urban populations.

Property investment 101: how to get started

6th of January 2014

In a country where property prices are a common topic of conversation, property investment is bound to be a widespread aspiration. Owning an investment property, done right, is a proven way to build wealth and ensure a more comfortable retirement.

How to capitalise on a holiday home

30th of December 2013

If owning a home is the great Australian dream, surely owning a holiday home is the dream on steroids.

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