What the Researchers Say:

A "good value for money" superannuation fund that is strong in nearly all assessment areas but with average features and/or performance in one or more of our assessment criteria.
You should contact your financial adviser or this fund before making an investment decision.

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Fund data valid as of July 31, 2017

Typical Fees

Balance This Fund Industry Average Difference
50k $530 $674 -$144
250k $2,450 $2,880 -$430
500k $4,100 $5,462 -$1,362

Investment Allocation

Intl shares 25.5%
Aus shares 25.5%
Property 13.0%
Alternative 16.0%
Fixed interest 13.0%
Cash 7.0%

Fees & Charges

Membership Fee $0
Asset Admin Fee 0.40%
Investment Fee 0.66%
Switching Fee $0
Exit Fee $83.49
Account Size Discount Yes
Employer Size Discount N/A

Fund Features

Financial Planning Service
Health Insurance
Home Loans
Credit Cards
Binding Nominations
Non-lapsing Binding Nominations
Insurance Life Event Increases
Anti-detriment Payments
Long Term Income Protection

About this Fund

Membership 3,048
Total Assets $1,099,000,000
Year Started 2008
Target Market
Offered to Public?
Fund Type Industry-Allocated Pension

Fund Highlights - provided by Electricity Industry Superannuation Scheme - Retirement Income Stream

No information has been provided by the fund to SuperRatings.

What the researchers say

The Electricity Industry Superannuation Scheme (EISS) is a non-public offer fund that was established in 1999 for employees in the South Australian electricity industry and their spouses. The Retirement Income Stream was established in 2008 and a minimum initial investment of $30,000 is required to join.

Members are able to access a basic investment menu of 4 options consisting of 3 diversified and a cash option. Historical performance is not available for this product, however the Accumulation divisions Balanced Growth option has outperformed the SuperRatings Index over the shorter term.

Fees are lower than the industry average across all account balances assessed. No fees are charged for establishing an account or regular pension payments, however, fees do apply for lump-sum withdrawals to external funds. Members are entitled to 4 free investment switches per year.

Pension flexibility is average when compared to peers. Pension payments can be made fortnightly through to annually directly to the member's nominated bank account. Members can nominate a reversionary death beneficiary or choose a binding lump-sum nomination.

EISS provides members with access to financial planning services through Industry Funds Financial Planning and members can view their account details online.