What the Researchers Say:

A 'best value for money' superannuation fund. Well balanced across all key assessment criteria in a robust, secure and proven risk framework. The fund provides features that should assist most individuals to meet their retirement savings goals.

You should contact your financial adviser or this fund before making an investment decision.

  • Platinum
Fund data valid as of July 31, 2016

Typical Fees

Balance This Fund Industry Average Difference
50k $375 $705 -$330
250k $1,875 $3,036 -$1,161
500k $3,575 $5,756 -$2,181

Investment Allocation

Intl shares 11.9%
Aus shares 23.7%
Property 7.9%
Alternative 1.2%
Fixed interest 22.1%
Cash 31.7%
Other 1.6%

Fees & Charges

Membership Fee $0
Asset Admin Fee 0.35%
Investment Fee 0.40%
Switching Fee $0
Exit Fee $120
Account Size Discount Yes
Employer Size Discount N/A

Fund Features

Financial Planning Service
Health Insurance
Home Loans
Credit Cards
Binding Nominations
Non-lapsing Binding Nominations
Insurance Life Event Increases
Anti-detriment Payments
Long Term Income Protection

About this Fund

Membership 46,777
Total Assets $7,156,507,502
Year Started 2014
Target Market
Offered to Public?
Fund Type Industry-Allocated Pension

Fund Highlights - provided by Equip - MyPension

Comprehensive but simple investment menu with competitive investment performance over the long term.
Enhanced website promotes online engagement and provides thorough educational material, including a new online digital channel with up-to-date superannuation news and articles.

What the researchers say

A national multi-employer superannuation fund, Equip Super has been operating since 1931. The origins of the fund are in the infrastructure sectors of Victoria, specifically in the Electricity, Gas and Water Industries, although the fund is now open to the general public. A Platinum performer, the fund is recognised for its innovation, being among the finalists for the 2015 Best New Product award for its Equip MyPension retirement offering.

With a minimum investment of $50,000, MyPension employs a pre-determined strategy for retirement utilising an investment 'bucket' approach to provide retirees with an income while continuing to grow savings. Members investments are allocated proportionally in the Cash, Conservative and Growth multi-manager options, and the pension income is drawn from the Cash bucket. A relative new offering, historical investment performance is not yet available.

The fee structure is competitive across all account balances assessed.

Other key features include the option to choose from five pension payment frequencies, the ability to choose from withdrawal options and death benefit options such as reversionary beneficiary. Further benefits include access to in-house financial planning on a fee-for-service basis.