What the Researchers Say:

An OTHER rated fund usually has average or below average features and/or performance across a number of assessment areas. These funds frequently have many competitors that offer superior performance and structures in a more efficient environment.

You should contact your financial adviser and/or this fund directly before making an investment decision.

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Fund data valid as of July 31, 2017

Typical Fees

Balance This Fund Industry Average Difference
50k $762 $674 $88
250k $2,865 $2,880 -$15
500k $5,490 $5,462 $28

Investment Allocation

Intl shares 29.0%
Aus shares 31.0%
Property 4.0%
Fixed interest 29.0%
Other 7.0%

Fees & Charges

Membership Fee $375
Asset Admin Fee 0.07%
Investment Fee 0.70%
Switching Fee $0
Exit Fee $0
Account Size Discount Yes
Employer Size Discount N/A

Fund Features

Financial Planning Service
Health Insurance
Home Loans
Credit Cards
Binding Nominations
Non-lapsing Binding Nominations
Insurance Life Event Increases
Anti-detriment Payments
Long Term Income Protection

About this Fund

Total Assets $17,054,000,000
Year Started 2014
Target Market
Offered to Public?
Fund Type Master Trust-Allocated Pension

Fund Highlights - provided by MLC Navigator Retirement Plan Series 2 - Account Based Pension

No information was provided by the fund to SuperRatings. Hence an alert rating may be given in areas where a qualitative assessment cannot be made. For available information refer to the fund's PDS.

What the researchers say

MLC Navigator Retirement Plan Series 2 is a sub-plan of the MLC Superannuation Fund and is designed to enable the establishment of a diversified portfolio accessing the primary investment markets of cash, fixed interest, equities and property through the various investment strategies offered.

Members are able to access an excellent range of investment options, including a range of wholesale investment alternatives managed by leading fund managers, a range of shares listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), a variety of various Term Deposits and a Separately Managed Account (SMA). Past performance of the fund is not readily available and therefore cannot be accurately measured against the relevant SuperRatings indices.

Fees associated with this product are lower than the industry average across medium and large account balances assessed. Discounts and fee caps apply to the administration fee based on account balances, including linked accounts, while a portion of the fees are negotiable with financial advisers.

The Fund provides reasonable pension flexibility, with a selection of 4 payment frequencies as well as the ability to automatically increase pension payments by CPI or a nominated percentage annually. Beneficiary options are comprehensive, including non-lapsing binding and non-binding death benefit nominations, as well as reversionary pensions.

Members have online access to their portfolio information, with their financial adviser having the ability to transact and obtain reports on their behalf. Additionally, members have access to an automatic re-weighting facility that allows for eligible investment options to be re-weighted on a quarterly, half yearly or yearly basis.