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Holiday loans

What are holiday loans? 

Who doesn't want the opportunity to get out of the daily rut of working, eating, sleeping and perhaps, occasionally having a night out? If that's you then you need a holiday to get a bit of balance in your life. Sometimes an easily affordable weekend away in a nice hotel is all that's needed, but what if you want to take a couple or more weeks in an exotic destination but your day-to-day finances won't quite run to it?

That's when some people consider holiday loans so they have the opportunity of taking that special trip. Maybe you want to explore your own country, taking a train journey across Australia or heading up to the Great Barrier Reef for some rest and relaxation; or a road trip across America, or a long visit to all those relatives in the UK or elsewhere that you've always meant to do.

Why do people use holiday loans? 

Long-haul holidays can be expensive. When you add up all your household and living expenses and see what's left you might think you can’t afford to splash out on a holiday. Making regular savings into a holiday account will help set you up, but if you're looking to finance a more expensive trip away a holiday loan can bridge the gap between what you've saved and what you need.

What are the main features of holiday loans?

Holiday loans are personal loans and you should treat them like that. You're not buying a car, which would then be an asset, but an intangible product, so you should make clear to a lender why you want to borrow. As with all types of personal loan there will be many different financial products available, and your job is to compare as many as you can to get the right holiday loan deal for your purposes.

Your ability to repay the loan will be scrutinised by lenders so you need to do your budgeting to make sure paying it off is feasible within the time period agreed. Look into variable and fixed rate interest deals to decide what suits best. With a fixed rate you know exactly how much you will repay each month; with a variable rate your payments could increase or decrease depending on the movement of the market interest rate.

What are the pros and cons of holiday loans? 

Holiday loans can enable you to take the trip of a lifetime, though they are also useful for less expensive holidays where repayments may not take as long to complete. Examine interest rates every time – short-term loans will generally be more expensive in terms of the interest rate charged. 

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