National Australia Bank (NAB) has been providing financial support to customers in Australia, New Zealand and around the world for more than 150 years. NAB offers savings and transaction accounts, credit cards, home loans, and financial services for individuals and businesses, including personal loans.

NAB’s unsecured personal loans don’t need to be guaranteed by an asset as collateral, and fixed or variable interest rate options are available to better suit different financial situations. Using these NAB personal loans, it’s possible to consolidate your debts, or pay for travel, a new car, or renovations to your home.

NAB can be contacted via phone, email or online via live chat, though if you’re not already an existing customer, NAB recommends visiting a branch first before applying for a personal loan, to better determine your financial requirements.

Features of a NAB personal loan

NAB’s unsecured personal loans are available for borrowing between $10,000 and $55,000, and you can choose either a fixed or variable interest rate, depending on whether you would prefer simpler budgeting or greater repayment flexibility.

NAB personal loans can be used for a wide range of purposes, including consolidating debt and making large purchases. You can also choose a loan term of between 1 and 7 years, so you can get your debt paid off more quickly, or make more affordable repayments. These repayments can be made monthly, fortnightly or weekly – whatever suits your budget.

NAB personal loan repayment calculator

Thinking about taking out a personal loan with NAB? Use our personal loan calculator to see how much you’d have to repay under different borrowing scenarios. You can also see how NAB personal loan compare with various products.

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