AMP Bank

Term Deposits

AMP Banking Term Deposits will guarantee a high fixed return for your investment, allowing you to choose the term of the deposit and how and when you would like to receive interest payments. Bank fees are also waived to optimise the earning power of your investment.

Compare the highest term deposit rates to find the best investment.
All rates are based on a balance of $50000 for a term of 3 months.
Company AMP Bank
Nominal Rate 2.65%
Effective Rate 2.67%
Payment Frequency At Maturity
Partial Withdrawal Penalty N/A
Compounding Interest No

Product Features

Can the institution send an email to you on maturity?
Can the institution call you on maturity?
Whether your term deposit account will automatically roll over to a new account with the same term once it reaches maturity if you do not instruct otherwise
Whether the interest dividend can be paid into an account held with another financial instituion

These term deposits are ranked by nominal interest rate on a balance of $50,000.

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