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How to stop paying ATM fees for good

How many times have you been caught out without cash and had to use the closest ATM you can find?

Transaction Accounts2 min read

Things you should always buy second hand

When it comes to buying things second hand people are often divided into two camps - people who swear by it and those who never do it.

Transaction Accounts5 min read

Best cheap eats: street food around the globe

If you're a seasoned traveller, you'll already know that as soon as you touch down in your overseas destination, money starts flying out of your wallet.

Transaction Accounts5 min read

Aussies fork out half a billion in ATM fees

Australians are being urged to use their ATM cards wisely after RateCity.com.au analysis of RBA figures shows that collectively we forked out an estimated $548 million in avoidable ATM fees in the past year. ATM fees can be avoided by taking out money when using EFTPOS at the supermarket or the service station or switching to an account that has no ATM fees.

Transaction Accounts3 min read

Planning for the future: a guide for millennials

MLC's recent Australia Today whitepaper revealed that a third of Aussie parents believe their children (Gen Y's and millennials) won't be able to live the same lifestyle as them.

Transaction Accounts4 min read

Banking families: who belongs with who?

When you think of banks, chances are your mind goes to the Big 4: Westpac, Commonwealth Bank, ANZ and NAB.

Transaction Accounts3 min read

Three money mistakes to avoid

When it comes to money, mistakes hurt. Whether it's losing a whole chunk of hard earned cash on a bad investment, or the little daily money mishaps that people make, it all adds ups.

Transaction Accounts4 min read

Financial considerations for newly married couples

Getting married? Congratulations! Once you've tied the knot, though, it's important to put a little bow on your finances and set some goals.

Transaction Accounts4 min read
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