Queenslanders CU

Basic Account

Queenslanders Credit Union is an independent financial co-operative which was formed in 1965 to provide accessible financial services and advice for Queensland residents. Now, with just over 50 employees Queenslanders Credit Union is the fifth largest credit union in Queensland. Just like any other financial institution Queenslanders Credit Union offers a full range of banking products to its members. These include lending products such as car loans, home loans and personal loans, as well as a range of deposit and investment accounts.
Company Queenslanders CU
Average Fees Electronic Transactor $14.91
Average Fees High Transactor $22.95
Average Fees Low Transactor $5
Monthly Account Fees $5
Free Transaction Allocation 8
Base Rebate $5
ATM Withdrawal Fee $1.25
Advertised Rate 0.00%
Minimum Deposit $0
EFTPOS Transaction Fee $1.25
Cheque Deposit Fee $0
Star Rating Electronic Transactor
Star Rating High Transactor
Star Rating Low Transactor

Product Features

A debit card allows you to purchase items on credit once you have spent the funds in your transaction account.
Does this account allow transactions via an ATM?
Does this account allow transactions via an EFTPOS facility?
Whether this account offers a facility to pay bills using Bpay?
If this account allows transactions online
Whether this account offers access to telephone banking
Whether a cheque book is offered with this account
If this account allows you to process transactions at a branch
If this account allows you to directly deposit your salary

Average fees based on a scenario averaging 25 transactions per month through electronic methods such as ATM, phone and internet.

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