Things you should always buy second hand

Things you should always buy second hand

When it comes to buying things second hand people are often divided into two camps – people who swear by it and those who never do it.

The latter group often have their own personal reasons for not opting for pre-loved goods. It might be that they want the latest style, they want to contribute their money directly to a particular designer or brand or they are concerned about potential quality issues. Some people might just find the whole thing a bit icky, preferring to have their things new and fresh.

The reality is though, buying everything brand new is more than likely costing you hundreds of extra dollars a year and having a very real impact on the environment. In our modern age of mass-production, trying to limit the sheer amount of things you buy is one way to make a stand for the environment and the ethical production of goods.

Even if you’re not so concerned with saving the world, one less piece of plastic at a time, the truth is that second hand goods just make good economic sense. Here are some products that you should try buying second hand:


Buying a new car may make you feel like a million bucks but the reality is that you would have just spent thousands of your hard earned dollars on an asset that starts depreciating sooner than you can say Mercedes. While there are legitimate concerns to be held about buying used cars when it comes to safety and longevity, if you do your research properly and buy from a reputable car dealer there is no reason you can’t walk away with a great car that saved you thousands.


If you’re moving into a new home and need to buy all your appliances from scratch, buying completely new products can cost a fortune. Instead of getting everything brand new, shop for some of your white goods at a store like 2nds World that offers products straight from the manufacturer that have been discounted due to minor defects or damage. This way you’re getting quality products from reputable brands that would have otherwise ended up wasted in the rubbish heap.

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Second hand furniture can be a great way of getting good quality pieces that will last you many years at a cheaper price. Instead of getting some cheap Ikea furniture that you will throw away in three years’ time, next time you need a good timber or leather piece for your house try shopping online or at a garage sale. Do try and avoid second hand upholstered furniture and bedding, however, as this can pose health and hygiene risks.


This one is for all the students out there who have blown an entire month’s pay on textbooks that are used for one semester and then sit gathering dust in a bookshelf. Buying textbooks second hand can literally halve costs at the beginning of a semester and you won’t be compromising on quality. Even if the editions on sale second hand are outdated, check with your lecturer if there are any major discrepancies and if not, it may be better to save your pennies.

Wedding dresses

This may be a controversial concept for some brides who have a fixed image of their special day including a beautiful, bespoke gown but the second hand wedding dress market in Australia has really taken off. Sites like offer thousands of pre-loved gowns at discounted prices that can be sold directly between brides.


If you still have a DVD player in your house then why not make the most of it before it turns into an ancient relic of the past. For the price of your monthly Netflix subscription you can pick up a few classic movies second hand on DVD or an entire TV series from sites like Also, keeping an eye out for closing down DVD rental stores can lead you to a paradise of second hand movie greats that you can own from now until forever, unlike movies streamed online.

Designer handbags

If you’ve got a soft spot for handbags, and designer ones at that, you’ll know that the cost can sometimes be hard to justify. Especially when you’re on to your third or fourth thousand-dollar handbag using the “I just need something to carry my stuff in” excuse gets a little unbelievable. To make your handbag habit a little less harmful to your bottom line, try browsing sites that specialise in reselling authentic second-hand designer goods.


Getting a pet from the RSPCA or local pound is not only cheaper but is the best option for those of us who really do love our furry friends. Sure a designer Shih-Poo might look great in your handbag but buying pure breed dogs is expensive and sometimes funds unethical practices. If getting a pet really is about wanting a companion, and not a fashion accessory, then doing a good deed for your pocket and a pet in need by adopting from a pound should be your only option. 

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Learn more about bank accounts

Can you open another account at the same bank?

Yes, you can open another account at the same bank if you already have an account there, but some banks place a limit on how many specific accounts you can open.

Generally, though, it is possible to have more than one everyday account, one personal account and one joint account, or have different types of accounts – such as a transaction account and a savings account.

Keep in mind that some bank accounts come with fees, so you could be charged twice for having two types of the same account at the same bank.

Also, if you have more than one high-interest transaction account at the same bank, only one account will be able to earn the highest rate of interest.

Can foreigners open bank accounts in Australia?

Many Australian lenders allow foreigners to open bank accounts in Australia. Often, this can be done before you arrive in the country – with no Australian address required. When you get to Australia, you can pick up your debit card, using your passport as identification.

Can I link a bank account to Paypal?

Paypal is a safe and convenient way to pay online without the need to share your financial details. You can send and receive money or accept credit and debit cards as a seller using Paypal.

It’s easy to link your bank account to a Paypal account and start making transactions within minutes.

To start, you first need a Paypal account (it’s free to join). When setting up your Paypal account, you will be prompted to link a credit card or bank account (or both if you wish).

PayPal works without a balance; you can use Paypal to shop or send money when your balance is zero.

When your Paypal balance is zero, Paypal will ask you to choose your preferred payment method at the checkout.

This could be either your linked bank account or credit card. Your bank details can be updated if you change banks or credit cards.

Are bank accounts frozen when someone dies?

Yes, Australian bank accounts are frozen when someone dies. If you want to close the account of somebody who has died, you might have to provide proof of death and a copy of the will. You might also have to prove your relationship to the deceased person.

If you have a joint bank account with somebody who has died, you will generally be entitled to all the money in the account. Again, you might have to provide proof of death if you want to change the bank account from a joint account to a one-person account.

Can I start a bank account online?

Yes, most lenders that operate in Australia will let you set up a bank account online. The process is usually simple and takes five to 10 minutes. You will probably need to provide a passport or birth certificate, as well as a driver’s licence, Medicare card or another form of secondary identification. Requirements differ from lender to lender, so some institutions might ask for more or different forms of ID.

Can you deposit money into somebody else's bank account?

One of the easiest banking tasks in the world is depositing money. You can even deposit money into someone else’s bank account if you wish.

The basic information you need to deposit money into a third-party bank account is:

  • Payee’s name
  • Bank, building society or credit union (though this isn’t necessary)
  • BSB (or bank code, which is the branch identifier)
  • Account number

Including the name of the financial institution isn’t necessary – particularly with online banking – because the BSB will identify this for you.

A handy tip is to record yourself (or add a personal message) in the transaction description or reference. This will show up on the recipients account, letting them know who’s paid them the money.

Can debt collectors take money out of your bank account?

Many people find themselves struggling to cope with debt at one time or another. In these cases, a debt collector could contact you to demand payment for a debt, to explain the consequences of you failing to pay a debt, or to organise alternative payment arrangements.

If you’re contacted by a debt collector, you may be wondering what their rights are and whether they can take money out of your bank account.

Creditors cannot access money in your bank account unless a court order (also known as a ‘garnishee order’) is made to allow creditors to recover debt by taking money from your bank account or salary.

If this happens, the creditor can take money out of your bank account unless you pay the debt in full or make an alternative payment arrangement such as paying in instalments through the court.

Can I find my bank account number online?

Yes, you can find your bank account number by logging into your online banking and clicking on the relevant account.

Do you need a bank account to sell on eBay?

You don’t need a bank account to sell on eBay. But if you don’t have a bank account, you must provide either a credit card or debit card.

How can I deposit cash into my bank account?

The traditional way to deposit cash into your bank account is to go to a branch and give it to a teller. These days, many banks will allow you to make deposits through an ATM as well.

How do you open a bank account under 18?

If you’re under 18 and you want to open an Australian bank account, you will need your passport or birth certificate. (Some lenders might require just a Medicare card or driver’s licence.) You can apply online or at a branch. If you’re 13 or under, you will probably need a parent to accompany you to a branch.

How do I transfer money from Paypal to my bank account?

Transferring cash from Paypal into your bank account is simple…if you have a Paypal account that is.

Once you’re logged into your Paypal account, the account balance will appear on your home page. Below your balance are two options:

  • Add money
  • Withdraw money

Choose option two if you want to transfer money from your Paypal account to your personal bank account.

The next screen will prompt you to either enter new bank account details or choose a bank account that’s connected to Paypal. You can always add more bank accounts to your Paypal profile.

Another way to transfer out of Paypal is by jumping to the wallet tab on the top menu, and clicking ‘transfer money’. Both options will give you the same result.

What do I need to open a company bank account?

To open a company bank account, you will probably have to provide 100 points of ID, an ABN and an ACN. You will probably have to provide the details of all signatories as well.

How do you open a bank account in Australia?

Opening a bank account in Australia is usually a straightforward process. Some banks give you the option of opening an account online, while others require you to visit a branch.

Different bank accounts offer different features, so it’s best to compare your options to find one that suits you.

All banks require you to pass an identity check to open a bank account. Australia uses the 100-point identification system, which means you’ll need to show a number of forms of ID that, together, add up to 100 points.

Common ID types include a driver’s licence, passport, Australian visa in a foreign passport, and Australian Medicare card. You’ll find out what types of ID are accepted when you go through the sign-up process online or at a branch.

Once your account is open, you’ll be given or sent a debit card that you can use to make purchases and withdraw money from your account.