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Banking with your digital assistant

Banking with your digital assistant

If you’ve ever asked a friendly disembodied voice to schedule an appointment, answer a trivia question, or just to tell a silly joke, then you may also be happy to ask your digital assistant for financial advice. With this in mind, National Australia Bank (NAB) has teamed up with Google to launch a new app for the Google Assistant platform.

The launch of the Talk To NAB app means you can now ask Google Assistant for guidance on simple banking questions regarding NAB Transaction and Savings accounts, Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Travel Cards and Internet Banking.

Using Talk To NAB via a Google Home device or Google Assistant-compatible smartphone, you can get answers to a range of questions, including (but not limited to):

  • “How is interest charged on my credit card?”
  • “I’d like to know about personal loans.”
  • “How long does it take for a personal loan to be approved?”
  • “I don’t recognise a transaction on my account.”
  • “Tell me about Travel cards.”
  • “What is the exchange rate on your travel cards?”
  • “How do I unblock my internet banking?”
  • “When are the bank branches open?”

NAB executive general manager of digital and innovation, Jonathan Davey, said that the Talk To NAB app offers more choice to NAB customers, who make the majority of their interactions with the lender through digital platforms:

“It’s our job to make banking simple and easy for our customers; we know they want more self-service capability and they want to be able to solve basic questions in a channel that suits them and when it’s convenient for them.”

“Providing instant help to basic questions gives our customers the convenience they want and complements the work of our frontline bankers, ensuring they are spending more time with customers on the issues that are most valuable and important to them.”

Talk To NAB isn’t the first foray into the self-assistance area for NAB, which has also developed a virtual banker chatbot for business customers, as well as NAB Chatterbox on Facebook.

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