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New fashionable fintech letting Aussies "tap-and-go" with their gym towels

New fashionable fintech letting Aussies "tap-and-go" with their gym towels

Would you wear a shirt with your debit card hidden inside the sleeve?

Westpac has announced the launch of Censitive Objects; a designer range of “wearable accessories” that allows Aussies to tap-and-go with their everyday fashion.

Research from Westpac found that over half (57 per cent) of Australians use debit cards as their main payment method, and 41 per cent do so at least once a day. With the decreasing popularity of cash as the main payment method for Aussies, it makes sense that the humble debit card should become even more convenient through wearable payment accessories.

Centsitive Objects 

The new designer range will include:

  • “Band + Chain – a convertible two-in-one keychain made from recyclable materials that can be disassembled and worn as a waterproof wristband.
  • Slimline Keeper – a subtle silicone tag that can be added to your existing watch or fitness band.
  • Centsitive Patch – an iron or sew-on patch that can be hidden on clothing or accessories.
  • Nostalgia Pin – iconic safety pin design with an attached keeper hidden beneath clothing.
  • Incognito Pin – an ultra-minimalist option attached to a keeper with four interchangeable ‘topper’ designs – including a lightning bolt and half sphere.”


Centsitive Objects designer range for Westpac 

These objects, created exclusively for Westpac by Australian designer Hayden Cox, hold a small Westpac PayWear card linked to customer’s everyday transaction account. This conveniently allows wearers to use Eftpos machines without taking out their standard debit card.

Hayden Cox’s five designer objects include an iron-on patch that can be “hidden on clothing or accessories”, and a two-in-one keychain made from recyclable materials “that can also be worn as a waterproof wristband.”

You can attach the secured pouches to different clothing, such as a shirt sleeve, gym towel, hat or even a set of keys.

While developing this range, Designer Hayden Cox said he wanted to “create something that was relevant and multi-functional that supports the Australian way of life, as well as a diverse range of tastes and preferences.

“It was really important for the range to blend seamlessly into different daily routines – resulting in a collection of clean-line, modern and versatile designs,” said Mr Cox.

The Centsitive Objects wearable payment accessories will cost customers between $20 and $30.

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