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Top holiday destinations for 2018

Top holiday destinations for 2018

Whether you’re daydreaming the last days of work away, or you’re planning your next family holiday, you may be looking for inspiration of where to travel next year.

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has released its festive statistical figures and revealed the most popular short-term travel destinations for Aussies in 2015-16 to inspire your New Year travel resolutions.

For 2015-16, the most visit overseas locations were:

      1. New Zealand


The top choice (ay bro!) for short-term travelling Aussies, according to the ABS, was New Zealand. Considering its close proximity to Australia, its beautiful landscapes and friendly locals, it’s an obvious choice for overseas travel that is also affordable. 

  1. America


For those looking to spread their wings a little more, a trip to the United States would send them over twelve hours away by plane. From Grand Canyon National Park to Pearl Harbour to Disney World, there’s a destination to suit even the fussiest of family members.

  1. Indonesia


With Bali seeing 4.6 millionAussie visitors in 2016, most Aussies have either travelled to, or know someone who has been to this popular vacation spot in Indonesia. But if you look beyond Bali, you’ll find approximately 18,000 picturesque islands that make up Indonesia and many awe-inspiring places worth visiting, such as Raja Ampat or Yogyakarta.

Hey big spender

Our overseas visitors are the true big spenders, compared to Aussies.

According to ABS Tourism Satellite Account data, in 2016-17, Australians spent on average $818 per domestic trip (with at least one overnight stay), and around $115 on a domestic day trip.

For short-term visitors arriving in Australia, the top-five countries of origin were New Zealand, the United Kingdom, China, the United States and Singapore.

However, these international visitors would have spent on average $4,347 per trip to Australia.

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