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Australia Car Insurance

Australia Car Insurance

How many Australia Car Insurance quotes should you get every year when you have to renew your policy? At RateCity, we recommend that you should always get a minimum of three quotes for car insurance, preferably above and beyond your current insurer.

This might seem like a lot, but the internet has taken a lot of the pain and hassle out of the process of getting multiple quotes. Not so long ago, you would have had to call several companies in Australia to get quotes for car insurance from each of them, because they didn’t have search tools on their websites.

Now, just about every company offering comprehensive car insurance in Australia allows you to get quotes for car insurance online, just by answering 15 or 20 questions. These questions are all pretty clear and simple to understand – for example, details about your car, or your driving record, or where you park the car at night.

There are also websites such as RateCity where you can get quotes for car insurance from several brands at the same time. These financial comparison websites work by pulling live quotes for car insurance from multiple brands, based on the same driver and car profile. While not all car insurers are represented, you will be able to get more quotes for car insurance this way at one time than by visiting individual websites.

Our research shows that many drivers could be paying over $600 more per year for Australian car insurance policies than they should, largely because they don’t get multiple quotes for car insurance. Don’t make this mistake!

Go to our car insurance quote page to compare quotes for Australian car insurers.

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