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Compare Insurance Quotes

Compare Insurance Quotes

If you are a driver that is looking for a good deal on comprehensive car insurance, compare insurance quotes online from several car insurance brands at comparison sites such as RateCity.

By doing so, you could find the best value option to suit your situation and to reduce your bill even further consider the following handy hints:

  • Restrict drivers
  • Pay higher excess
  • Add a security device
  • Pay in full

Most car insurance providers will allow you to limit the age of the drivers of the car to reduce your premium. For instance, by restricting a driver profile to age 30 years and older compared with best insurance quotes with no age restrictions, you could potentially save more than $50 on your premium.

Another way to save money when comparing insurance quotes for your vehicle is by opting to pay a higher excess. Most comprehensive car insurance providers will allow you to choose how much excess to pay, should you make a claim. The higher the excess amount you choose, often the cheaper the premium. Just be aware that by doing so when it comes time to make a claim you will likely be hit with a large excess bill.

Security devices such as an alarm or immobiliser can also help to reduce the cost of your car insurance premium when it comes time to compare insurance quotes. This is because it can reduce the possibility of it being stolen or broken into.

Finally, many car insurance providers allow you to pay you premium in an annual lump sum, monthly or quarterly. By paying in full for the year it often works out cheaper too.

The table below lists comprehensive car insuranceproviders you can obtain quotes from at RateCity.

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