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Get Comprehensive Car Insurance

Get Comprehensive Car Insurance

Whether you have cover for your car or are looking to get comprehensive car insurance, you’ll almost certainly benefit from reading the fine print.

By doing so you’ll have a thorough understanding of the intricacies of your policy and better understand the features available to you.

So when it comes time to make a claim, you will know exactly what your policy covers and won’t have any confusion, which can lead to dispute.

Complaints and how to handle them
If you are unhappy with your car insurance provider’s handling of your case, the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) recommends that you contact your provider with your concern.

When you search for the best comprehensive car insurance, this typically includes access to a consumer complaints department, which is often the first point of contact in a dispute situation.

They may be able to discuss your issue and concerns and how you would like them to be resolved, which is often the quickest way to resolve a dispute.

Your provider has 45 days to contact you after you make a complaint in most circumstances.

If you have not had a response after that period, you may wish to lodge a dispute online or over the phone with the FOS.

The FOS will assess the complaint and if it is within their jurisdiction, they will raise the issue directly with your car insurance company. If you and your provider can still not come to a resolution in this time, then mediation will often take place.

So be sure to understand what you are covered for when you first get comprehensive car insurance, to avoid dispute or disappointment.

Compare comprehensive car insurance quotes today.

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