Car crime stats up


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Keep an eye on your car keys – new figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) show that in 2016, car crime across Australia reached its highest level since 2012, driven by spiking car theft numbers in key states.

According to the ABS, motor vehicle thefts across Australia grew by 9%, rising from 51,525 victims in 2015 to 56,086 victims in 2016. The previous peak, recorded in 2012, was 58,559.

But before you start testing your car alarm and updating your car insurance, keep in mind that this national increase is not consistent across the entire country. While some states recorded significant increases in car thefts, the majority saw car crime numbers decrease:

State/Territory Car thefts in 2015 Car thefts in 2016 Increase/decrease
NSW 13,032 12,013 -8%
VIC 15,171 19,026 +25%
QLD 8576 10,172 +19%
SA 3217 3549 +10%
WA 8416 8357 -1%
TAS 1262 1186 -6%
NT 872 810 -7%
ACT 978 966 -1%

Source: ABS

According to the ABS, three-quarters of these stolen vehicles were taken from either an outbuilding or residential land (including garages, driveways and carports) or from a street or footpath.