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How much will Australia’s most popular utes set you back?

How much will Australia’s most popular utes set you back?

It’s official – from tradies to adventure travellers, Aussies love their utes. With the nation’s three top-selling cars all being light commercial vehicles, how much will a car loan for one of these utes cost you?

According to VFACTS data from the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI), the top three selling vehicles in March 2019 were the Toyota Hilux, the Ford Ranger, and the Mitsubishi Triton.

Using the starting prices from Carsguide.com.au as examples, here’s how much each of these top three utes could cost you from month to month and in total, assuming a five-year car loan with an interest rate of 9.54% (the market average based on RateCity data at the end of March 2019):

VehicleStarting priceMonthly car loan repaymentTotal interest paidTotal amount to pay
Toyota Hilux$20,990$441$5484$26,474
Ford Ranger$27,990$588$7313$35,303
Mitsubishi Triton$22,490$473$5876$26,366

Don’t forget that these estimates are just a starting point – there are a lot of other factors that may affect the final cost of your ute.

For example, choosing a longer loan term may mean your loan costs less from month to month, but you’ll pay more total interest overall. If you choose a shorter loan term, you’ll pay more from month to month, but may pay less interest in total.

Plus, depending on the car loan you choose, there may be other fees and charges to consider, as well as stamp duty, rego fees, insurance, and other expenses.

If you’re not sure which car loan will be best for buying a new ute, you can compare car loans at RateCity or get a car loan quote.

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Where can I get a student car loan?

Student car loans are not a necessarily a product in and of themselves, but what you may be looking for is a guarantor car loan.

A guarantor car loan has a third-party act as a form of guarantee for your loan application, telling the bank or lender that if you default on your loan, someone will pay the loan repayments.

Going guarantor on a car loan is no new thing, and before internet-based credit scores, guarantor car loan applicants would apply for loans with a guarantor or property owner who could vouch for the person borrowing the loan.

To get a guarantor car loan, you’ll need someone willing to act as a guarantor for your car loan.

What is a secured car loan?

A secured car loan is a loan that is connected to a form of security, or collateral. Generally, the security for a car loan is the car itself. If you fail to repay the loan, the lender might seize your car, sell it and then use the proceeds to recover their debt.

How to find a great car loan

Historically, finding a great car loan would require excess research ranging from visiting an excess of websites or making phone calls, but technology has moved on. Using RateCity, Australia’s leading financial comparison service, you can check out great deals from a range of lenders on the one site.

To start, select the amount you want to borrow and the length of the loan, narrowing your search to show just fixed or variable interest rate results.

Once you’ve indicated your search criteria, you’ll see an immediate list of lenders, ranked by interest rate or application fees. You’ll also be able to view the monthly repayment amount for each result, helping you to know what you can afford.

Up to six products can be compared side-by-side, complete with more information about each car loan, giving you more information about your options.

When comparing your car loan options, it’s ideal to keep in mind some points find a great car loan for your needs. Consider the following:

  • Choosing a low interest car loan can reduce costs
  • Selecting an option with low fees and charges is ideal, because these can really add up
  • Be aware of penalties, such as early exit penalties if you pay off the loan sooner than expected
  • Consider the features that best suit your situation

There are many ways to ensure that you get a great car loan. Ultimately, you’ll end up with the best deal by doing your research and selecting the most suitable product for you.

What is a loan term?

The loan term is the amount of time the lender gives you to repay the car loan. For example, if you take out a $20,000 car loan with a five-year loan term, you would be expected to pay off the entire $20,000 (plus interest) within five years.