Compare No credit check car loans

Compare No credit check car loans

Compare No credit check car loans


No credit check car loans

If you are looking for a no credit check car loan, it is likely because you have bad credit, or perhaps no credit history. Having bad credit or no credit history means that lenders are less likely to lend to you.

If you’ve a bad credit rating, you certainly aren’t alone; many Australians have had credit difficulties at one time or another.

When banks and other traditional lenders turn you down after checking your credit rating, it's perfectly understandable to go looking for lenders offering no credit check car loans. However, in Australia, the National Consumer Credit Protection act requires lenders to loan money responsibly, so credit checks are required by all responsible lenders.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get a car loan, however. There are lenders who understand that bad credit situations happen, and also that in many cases it's no fault of the individual, but is instead due to unexpected circumstances. You may have lost your job or have unforeseen medical bills to pay. You may need a car to enable you to take a particular job, so it's worth exploring what could be available to you if your credit rating is poor.

What is a credit check?

A credit check is a standard procedure undertaken by credit providers, such as banks, credit unions and other lending organisations in which they analyse your credit score and history, otherwise known as your credit report. In Australia, this is recorded with one or more agencies; Equifax, Dun and Bradstreet and Experian. Tasmanians may be with the Tasmanian Collection Service and Equifax.

Your credit report consists of:

  • Your personal details
  • A list of any credit or loans you have applied for and if you have ever defaulted on those loans
  • Repayment history
  • Any bankruptcies or insolvencies you may have accrued (for up to five years from their occurrence)

Running a credit check enables potential lenders to see how responsible you are with your finances. They usually need to make an informed decision about how risky you are to take on as a client so that they can gauge whether they ought to lend to you and what interest rate to charge you if they do.

Can I get a no credit check car loan?

There may be lenders in Australia who claim to offer car loans without running a credit check. However, responsible lenders will have a policy to run credit checks. Companies that have a no credit check policy may be less reputable organisations and will probably have high fees and high interest rates attached to their car loans.

If you have bad credit already, getting a no credit check car loan may not be the best decision for you. If you have a history of struggling to manage credit or defaulting on payments, you may find yourself saddled with more debt and repayments at rates that you cannot afford.

How do no credit check loans work?

Traditional lenders, such as banks, will look at your credit rating after you have jumped through all the other hoops, and if they see it's bad, they are unlikely to offer you a car loan. While no credit check car loans aren’t valid options from many Australian lenders, there are car loans that can be tailored to an individual's specific needs, and could be available even if you have been bankrupt in the past. You will usually need to show evidence of income through your work and have a bank account, and a lender will then calculate how much it is prepared to let you borrow. After that, it's just the same as taking out a personal loan in that you will have to pay back the principal sum borrowed together with interest and, where necessary, any fees for setting up or managing the account.

Why do people use no credit check loans?

If you need a car loan but find the normal routes to borrowing are closed off to you because of your low credit rating, while it’s unlikely you’ll be able to responsibly apply for a no credit check car loan, there are alternative places to go. It doesn't mean you are guaranteed a loan, as this will depend on your circumstances, but it could be exactly what you need at what may be a difficult time.

What are the main features?

In common with any personal loan, you can do initial research into what is available online when it comes to bad credit car loans, as opposed to no credit check car loans. If you are eligible, you can make comparisons between interest rates, the length of time you will have to pay back the loan, and what fees, if any, are charged. These types of car loans usually have higher interest rates than standard car loans but if a lender is happy that you have the means to pay back what you've borrowed, they are more likely to make you an offer.

I need a loan with no credit checks

If you need a car loan, have bad credit, and think you can make the repayments, there are lenders who specialise in bad credit car loans, or guarantor car loans. Some lenders will offer guarantor car loans where they won't run a credit check on you, but will run one on your guarantor.

Bad credit lenders will check your credit report, and their rates will likely be higher than if you have a good credit rating, but they may be lower than loans from lenders who boast no credit checks, without guarantors. 

Can I get a car loan on a 457 visa?

Yes, you can. Although a 457 visa holder is unlikely to have a credit file in Australia, and therefore may find themselves looking for a no credit check car loan, there are lenders in Australia that will approve applicants with 457 visas.

Applicants for car loans are required to be a citizen or permanent resident of Australia to qualify for a car loan from some lenders, however there are lenders that will approve 457 visa holders for car loans. These will be approved on a case by case basis, depending on your job role and the length of your visa. Lenders do not take into consideration promises from your employer to extend your visa and there may be certain security requirements or fees to insure minimum risk to the lender. It is always worth weighing up your options and comparing your options.

Can I get a car loan as a single parent with bad credit?

If you are a single parents and you have bad credit, there are options out there. 

What are the pros and cons of no credit check car loans?

  • There is less paperwork to fill out
  • More likely to be accepted for the loan
  • Fees/interest rates likely to be higher
  • Less likely to be reputable companies

There are other options available for people with bad credit or no credit history

Having a bad credit rating isn't the end of the world when searching for a car loan, and while no credit check car loans aren’t usually valid options, there are alternatives to choose from. Be aware that interest rates, especially for short-term car loans, can be very high and that you should factor this in when you make car loan comparisons.

Final thoughts

Always compare different loans and options and be careful not to over-apply, as this will have a negative effect on your credit score.

Think carefully about whether you can afford the repayments. If you don’t think you can keep up the repayments on a car loan, perhaps if you experienced a change in circumstances, you may want to reconsider.

For more support managing your personal finances, check Moneysmart, or contact the National Debt Helpline on 1800 007 007.



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