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Compare Online car loan approval


Online car loan approval

Buying a car is one of the larger purchases you are likely to make, and it's not always easy to get the finance together that you need. There aren't many of us who have several thousand dollars lying around just ready to go and buy a new or second-hand vehicle. You might have a family and be paying a mortgage or rent, not to mention your regular household bills. If you're relatively young and starting out in the world of work, you may not have much, if anything, in the way of personal savings. 

So how are you going to get that car you need? By exploring online car loan approval before you even set foot in a car dealership.

How does online car loan approval work?

If you haven't got cash upfront to pay for a car, you will be part of very large majority, and you'll need an alternative way to finance your purchase. When you walk into a dealership with nothing in place financially, you could be walking into a situation where you will be offered finance that is not necessarily the best deal available.

Instead of possibly being exposed to high interest rates coupled with fees, you may be able to get a much more favourable deal by opting for online car loan approval. You fill in an online application that will determine the amount you can borrow. This is based on your income and will also factor in any debts you have, so be as certain as possible that you will be able to afford the monthly repayment amount without defaulting. If your credit history and income is favourable, you could get pre-approval for a loan, perhaps with a very good interest rate, before you head for the showroom.

Why do people use online car loan approval?

It's a very straightforward way of finding out how much money you could borrow to go towards your car purchase. You may have some savings or a car to trade in as a deposit – you're likely to have to find a deposit for most purchases anyway – but people use this method so they can accurately assess what type of car they can afford.

What are the main features?

These are personal loans, and you may or may not be asked for security, depending on how much the loan is for. The advantage of doing the online work beforehand is that not only do you know what your borrowing limit is, but you will also know what your monthly repayments will be and over what period of time. This allows you to be in a stronger negotiating position with the dealership because you will be able to pay for the car without involving their finance.  This presents the potential to save you money by getting a better deal, because you are to all intents and purposes a cash buyer.

What are the pros and cons of online car loan approval?

The positive aspect of online car loan approval is that you know in advance what your purchase limit is, and that when approved, the loan is effectively guaranteed. As with any personal loan, you must be sure you can pay it back on time with regular payments, or you could be in a position where the car is repossessed and you have nothing to show for the money you have paid out.


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