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RateCity is Australia’s leading financial comparison website. We offer a comprehensive overview of a variety of financial products, including home loans, personal loans, car loans, term deposits, high interest savings accounts, superannuation accounts and transaction accounts.

For advertising and partnership enquiries:

Phone: (02) 8096 9495

For media and PR enquiries: 

Phone: (02) 8096 9491

Frequently Asked Questions 

Below are a few popular questions. If none of them addresses your needs or for any other purpose please use our contact form to reach us.

What does RateCity do exactly?

RateCity compares more than 16,000 financial products, based of different criteria, to help consumers find a product to suit their needs. Every customer has a different set of needs and desires, which means no one loan or account will suit every customer, but our hope is that you will be able to find something that works for you.

Can you give me a home loan?

RateCity is not a lender, which means we don’t broker home loans. Instead, we offer a list of lenders for you to choose from and compare them based on their interest rates and fees. The process of applying for the loan is over to you.

Which loan is the best one for me?

That is ultimately up to you. RateCity does not offer personal advice and acknowledges that there is no such thing as the perfect loan. We do however help you to make an informed decision by lining up product features and costs side by side.

Does RateCity offer media commentary?

RateCity is frequently in the media as an expert source of financial information and commentary. We also offer journalists data on interesting trends. Our commentary has appeared on Nine News, Seven News, Ten News, Sky News, the Daily Telegraph,, the Sydney Morning Herald, the Age, the Daily Mail and many others. If you’re a journalist with a media inquiry, please get in touch on the media number listed above.

How can I run RateCity commentary on my website?

RateCity regularly writes commentary on financial matters for websites for free. All we ask for in return is a link to the RateCity home page or another RateCity page that provides value to your readers. For content requests, please email

How does RateCity make money?

RateCity is a consumer service and we pride ourself on providing free, accurate and informative comparisons for our users. In order to provide that service, we make money in in two ways. The first is by generating qualified leads for financial institutions. That means when you click on the ‘go to site’ button for a specific institution, RateCity may receive a referral fee for the click or more likely when you do something, such as apply for a loan. The second way we make money is through display advertising.

I’ve noticed an error on the website. What do I do?

We take accuracy very seriously. If you notice a rate that is incorrect, please contact our general inquiry line or email us at

Do you offer financial advice?

No, RateCity does not offer financial advice or recommend specific financial advisers.

Does RateCity keep my details?

RateCity will not retain any personal details unless we have your express permission. Occasionally we collect and analyse anonymised visitation data to help improve our website.

Who owns RateCity?

RateCity is co-owned by Nine Entertainment and private investment company LAAP.

Do you list all products?

RateCity does not list all financial products in the market.

How do I see all the products RateCity compares?

RateCity sometimes puts loan offers and direct links at the top of search results. To compare all loans available on RateCity in a certain category, simply tick the ‘include all products without ‘go to site’ links’ button below the rate table.

Can I put a RateCity widget on my site?

RateCity has built a suite of comparison tables, home loan calculators and other personal finance calculators for third party sites to use for free. The comparison tables and calculators are mobile responsive and the colour schemes are customisable to your site. Simply hit ’embed results’ in the top corner of rate table pages or at the bottom of the site for widgets and you will receive a code to copy to your website.

Do you own any of the products listed on your site?

No, RateCity does not own any of the products listed on its site.

How do I get a job at RateCity?

We are a growing company that is always on the hunt for new talent. If you believe your skills would be a match for RateCity, get in touch via or the contacts above.

A bit more about RateCity

RateCity was established in 2006 by Andrew Willink. Andrew Willink then initiated a joint venture agreement with Mi9 (owner of

Paul Marshall was appointed chief executive officer of RateCity on November 17, 2014, officially joining the team on December 8, 2014. 

RateCity is based in Milsons Point in Sydney. 

What RateCity compares

  • Home loans – find low rate and no fee home loans to suit your needs and budget. 
  • Car loans – get a great deal on a new or used car loan.
  • Personal loans – going overseas? Renovating? Consolidating debt? Compare personal loans.
  • Superannuation – find out how super accounts have performed and view their fees. 
  • Savings accounts – locate a high interest savings account today. 
  • Term deposits – get more bang for your buck with a high rate term deposit. 
  • Credit cards – find low interest, balance transfer and rewards cards now.