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RateCity Staff

RateCity Staff

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Comparing credit cards and choosing the best one for you can be gritty work. Getting to the bottom of what matters to you and knowing your financial needs and spending habits will certainly help. Once you have established what you need, be it low interest rates or frequent flyer points, it should then become a little bit easier to identify the best credit card deal for you.

In terms of what’s actually on offer, there are a few things you should take into account and compare when making your decision.

  • Low introductory interest rate: Sometimes the low interest credit card rate you start with isn’t the rate you keep.
  • Low ongoing fee: Be aware that if you’re charged a very low credit card annual fee, it could be at the cost of other benefits such as a reward program.
  • 0% balance transfers: When you switch over credit card debts to your new card, you’re often given a low or 0% interest rate for these debts in the first six months. Keep an eye out for additional transaction fees, which could leave a substantial whole in your back pocket.
  • Interest free days: Take advantage of the interest free days on offer, as many credit cards will kick things off with about 55 days interest free period.
  • Reward programs: If frequent flyer points and other rewards are valuable to you then pay attention to the reward programs on offer. Note, reward programs are not common for low rate cards.

To find the credit card that best suits your financial needs you will need to shop around and compare features. Most cards only offer a few of these features, not all of them, so think carefully about what matters to you. has its eyes on some of the best credit card deals in Australia. To compare these great deals just visit our credit card comparison page.

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