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The latest Visa card perks

The latest Visa card perks

Visa prides itself on providing the most widely accepted credit card, with 1.9 million ATMs in more than 200 countries and territories around the world. These days there are thousands of different Visa cards in the market, but most of them have features in common, such as:

  • A Rewards program, or Low rates and fees
  • 0% or a low rate on balance transfers for 6 months
  • Up to 55 days interest free on purchases

Here are the top four features people are cashing in on;

Travelling with Visa

Famed for its global rewards program, Gold and Platinum card holders can access benefits such as free travel insurance and Frequent Flyer points. This is particularly appealing to the Australian public who are known for their love of travel.

Visa reported in August 2013 that 98% of Australians have taken leisure trips overseas in the past two year, with Australian travellers spending on average $3,962 each trip, which is $1662 above the global norm of $2300.

Visa’s digital wallet – V.me

In July 2013 Visa announced a new payment innovation which says good-bye to entering in the long string of visa card numbers when shopping online. There is no need to remember, or enter, in your personal credit card details as visa securely stores it for you. Instead, all you’re required to do is click on the V.me by Visa button, enter your username and password, click pay, and you have purchased your products and services online.

Zero liability

Visa guarantees you peace of mind with its zero liability policy that protects Australians against credit card fraud. If your card has fraudulent or unauthorised charges made to it, you will not be held personally responsible or left out of pocket.

Note, zero liability only covers Australian and New Zealand-issued cards and will not protect you from ATM transactions, non-visa processed transactions or certain commercial transactions. Always contact Visa promptly to report fraud and contact your visa card issuer for more information.

Visa PayWave

Want to spend less time at the cash register and more time casually scanning the isles? Visa’s PayWave is making it easier to do so, by allowing you to wave your visa PayWave card over a contactless reader to register payment, instead of entering a pin or signing. Note, this only applies for transactions under $100.

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