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The most convenient ways to pay with a credit card

The most convenient ways to pay with a credit card

The things you can buy on a credit card is almost limitless and now the way we can use our card seems endless.

Convenience, low interest rates, rewards and availability are top of the list for credit card needs and lenders are coming to the party by offering all this and more.  

Here are some of the latest credit card payment methods and incentives, all offering their own unique service.


Facilities such as Paypal have become the world’s biggest online payment systems, and all the major credit card companies have set up safe services to encourage internet payments.

There are no setup or cancelation fees with Paypal accounts and once setup you can make payments on web or mobile devices in minutes, without needing access to your credit card.

Coles Mastercards (information current as at October 2013)

Coles now offer their own credit cards, which are a MasterCard and flybuys card in one; Coles No Annual Fee MasterCard or Coles Rewards MasterCard.

As the title suggests, the Coles No Annual Fee Mastercard has no annual fees and offers up to 62 days interest free on purchases. The added benefit is that you get 1 flybuys point per every $2 you spend everywhere.

Alternatively the Coles Rewards MasterCard has an annual fee of $49 and the same amount of interest free days but will give you 2 flybuys points per every $1 you spend. The interest rates are also higher.

Australia Post Visa Prepaid Cards

It’s the gift voucher with no shopping centre limits. Purchase an Australian Post Visa Prepaid Card and you can use it to shop anywhere that accepts Visa cards.

As well as being a great gift idea, it also has no interest fees or ongoing monthly fees. You can also use it for online shopping and there are no credit check, bank accounts or applications required. Use it as a savings device by only allocating a certain amount of money to it, that way know you won’t spend over your limit.

MasterCard Paypassand Visa PayWave

In a hurry and don’t have cash on you? Now you can pay for your purchases on the go with MasterCard PayPass and Visa PayWave. Simply tap or wave your card over the contactless reader and your payment will be accepted in an instant. Only purchases over $100 will require a pin or signature verification.

Want to compare 100’s of credit cards online? Use RateCity’s easy credit card comparison tool.

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