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Community First Credit Union Credit Cards

Community First Credit Union is owned by its 68,000 members.

It first opened in 1959 to provide financial services to the salaried officers of the metropolitan Water, Sewerage and Drainage Board (Sydney Water).

Since then, Community First Credit Union has expanded to allow members from throughout the country.

Community First Credit Union has 14 branches across Sydney and the Central Coast of NSW.

Members get free access to more than 3,000 rediATMs across Australia.

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About Community First Credit Union credit cards

Community First has a relatively small selection of credit cards compared to the big banks. It has just two options, which would suit customers looking for a low-cost and no-frills credit card:

  • Low-rate Visa credit card
  • Low-rate McGrath Foundation Visa credit card

The low-interest rate credit cards offered by Community First Credit Union have, as you might have guessed, a very low interest rate on purchases. The low-rate credit cards also come with a very low balance transfer rate.

The annual fees on both cards are moderately low. However, on the McGrath Foundation credit card, half of the fee is donated to the charity, which helps bring breast care nurses to communities across Australia.

The late payment fee on the low-rate credit card from Community First Credit union is moderately high.

Community First Credit Union credit cards review

For a customer wanting a straightforward credit card that has a very low interest rate, Community First Credit Union delivers.

The Credit Union doesn’t cater for customers at the top end of town who are big spenders and want to earn rewards or get perks like free international travel insurance. Instead, Community First offers credit cards that would suit budget-conscious customers, perhaps pensioners, or maybe those on low incomes or students, who want a relatively low-fee credit card with very low interest rates on purchases.

Credit limits on Community First Credit Union cards start low and can go moderately high, but will ultimately be determined by a customer’s own financial position.

Interest-free days on purchases are moderate on Community First Credit Union credit cards compared to other credit cards on the market.

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