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Mastercard (Jetstar Dollars Program)



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0.01 points for $1 spentMastercardUp to $500 annuallyeligible purchases


The Jetstar Mastercard (Jetstar Dollars Program) features a moderate interest rate, a moderate annual fee (although it is low for the first year) and a moderate number of interest-free days.

Cardholders can earn Jetstar Dollars for eligible purchases as part of the Jetstar Dollars program. Points earned can be redeemed for Jetstar Travel Vouchers to use for flights and holiday rewards.

Customers pay 0 per cent interest for a limited period on Jetstar flights and hotel bookings made on the card (conditions apply), and receive discounts off food and drink purchases made on Jetstar flights. This card also comes with exclusive offers for dining, retail and entertainment through the Mastercard Privileges program.

Additionally, existing debt can be consolidated onto this card at 0 per cent interest for an introductory period. Additional cardholders are also allowed for a fee.

  • Rewards program
  • Balance transfer deal
  • Low annual fee in first year
  • No complimentary insurance
  • Fee for additional cardholders
  • Annual fee normally charged


Who is it good for?

The Jetstar Mastercard (Jetstar Dollars Program) might be a good fit for people who are looking for a credit card that offers frequent flyer rewards for domestic flights and budget international flights. However, the overseas spending fees associated with this card mean it’s not particularly suitable for using while travelling abroad.

It might also be suitable for people who are thinking about consolidating existing debt due to its introductory balance transfer deal.

On the other hand, those who are looking for a rewards card with a full suite of benefits like complimentary insurance, airport lounge access and travel perks may find this card to be too basic.

Similarly, couples and families looking to share a credit card account also probably wouldn’t be a good fit for this card as additional cardholders attract a fee.

What RateCity says

This card strikes a good balance between offering rewards-earning potential and value for money. While some other rewards cards come with a high interest rate and high fees, this card’s rates and fees are comparatively moderate.

The trade-off, however, is that frequent flyer points are limited to Jetstar only, which may not be the first choice of airline for some cardholders. The card also doesn’t come with complimentary insurance, free supplementary cards or other frequent flyer perks that you might expect to see with a card of this type.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive premium frequent flyer card, it might be worth doing some additional research to see if you can find a card that provides more benefits.

Conversely, if you really want to cut down on costs, there are other credit cards available with lower rates and fees (although they may not come with a rewards program). 


To be eligible for the Jetstar Mastercard (Jetstar Dollars Program), you must be at least 18 years old and an Australian permanent resident. You also need to earn a minimum taxable income of $30,000 a year and have a good credit history. To apply, you will need to provide proof of ID and financial information such as payslips and bank statements. Applications can be completed online at the Jetstar Mastercard website.

About Jetstar

Jetstar Airways, more commonly known as Jetstar, is an Australian low-cost airline that is based in Melbourne. Jetstar’s credit card services are a division of Macquarie Bank. Alongside its flight and accommodation booking services, Jetstar offers credit cards and travel insurance products to customers. Jetstar credit card holders can manage their accounts through the Jetstar Mastercard online services portal or get 24/7 customer support by calling the phone support line.


The numbers on your credit card actually follow a universal standard which is used to identify specific functions. Each credit card has a different amount of numbers: Visa and Mastercard have 16, American Express has 15 and Diner’s Club has 14. The first number on a credit card always identifies what type of credit card it is. Visa cards start with a 4, whereas Mastercard starts with a 5 and American Express with a 3. The remainder of the digits represent the account number, including the last number which is used to verify that your credit card is actually valid. Credit cards also have additional verification numbers, which are mainly used when the card isn’t present for phone and online purchases. These are the three-digit numbers on the back of Visa and MasterCard or the four-digit numbers on the front of an American Express card.

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