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The Latitude Financial Services Gem Visa is advertised with a number of interest-free offers. This credit card provides six months interest-free on purchases over $250 and a standard moderate number of interest free days each billing cycle for purchases under $250.

The standard interest rate on purchases for this credit card is one of the highest on the market, which is certainly worth noting for customers weighing up interest-free offers. Cash advances are offered on this credit card at the same high interest rate. There is also a moderately high annual fee to pay each year.

The Latitude Financial Services Gem Visa is also partnered with multiple retailers to offer additional interest-free payment plans on purchases. Customers who choose this card can also enjoy shopper’s protection insurance for an additional fee each month. 

  • Six-month interest-free offer
  • Interest-free payment plans
  • Free additional cardholders
  • High interest rate
  • Annual fee charged
  • Foreign transaction fees

Who is it good for?

The Latitude Financial Services Gem Visa’s main selling point is its multiple interest-free offers on purchases. For customers with a few big ticket items on the horizon, this credit card’s six-month interest-free offer could be a good option.

With additional interest-free payment plans available with Australian retailers for as long as 12, 18 and 24 months, customers could also use this credit card for major purchases. Offers are available in travel, home and appliances, electrical and more.

However, with multiple offers and different expiry dates on the interest-free period, this credit card is more suitable for financially- savvy customers who regularly stay on top of their credit card payments. After the interest-free period, the balance reverts to this credit card’s standard high interest rate, making it less suitable for customers who don’t keep up to date on their bills.

What RateCity says

The Latitude Financial Services Gem Visa has a moderately high annual fee, and not many perks or benefits to speak of. Additional insurance is offered, but for an extra fee.

This credit card offers multiple interest-free options, with six-, 12-, 18- and even 24-month offers available. For customers considering some bigger purchases (such as furniture, white goods or appliances) these interest-free offers could certainly be appealing.

However, it’s worth noting that once the interest-free period ends, the Latitude Financial Services Gem Visa reverts to its standard interest rate, which is one of the highest on the market. It would be far too easy for optimistic customers to not quite pay off their balance in time, and suddenly accrue a large amount of interest. Unless you are a financially savvy shopper and keep regular track of your bills, proceed with caution when considering this credit card.


To apply for the Latitude Financial Services Gem Visa, you must be at least 18 years old and meet any other serviceable criteria. Latitude Financial Services do not disclose any specific criteria that need to be met in order to be eligible for this credit card. You can apply online in less than 10 minutes, and will need to provide identification, personal details, income and employment information, as well as any other information required.

About the lender

Latitude Financial Services is a consumer finance provider that operates throughout Australia and New Zealand. They provide various products in loans, insurance and credit cards to consumers. Latitude Financial Services can be contacted via phone during standard and extended business hours, with different phone lines available for the different credit cards that they issue. Customers can also send an email to make a complaint or for information on hardship or financial difficulty.

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