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The Sydney Credit Union was formed in 1963 to offer an alternative to the banks for City of Sydney Council employees.

SCU, as it’s often abbreviated to, has been though several big mergers and grown significantly over the years. The credit union now has assets worth almost $900 million.

SCU’s head office is in Blacktown in Sydney’s west, and it has 17 branches across the city.

Members also get free access to more than 3,000 rediATMs across Australia.

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About SCU credit cards

Sydney Credit Union has a small range of credit cards, including low-rate and balance transfer credit cards.

Unlike the big banks, which offer a huge variety of credit cards, SCU has decided to just focus on offering no-frills credit cards that would suit customers looking for a low-cost card.

The annual fee on the SCU low-rate credit card is low, while the interest rate on purchases is moderately low. Unlike some credit card providers who raise the interest rate on cash advances, SCU keeps it at the same moderately low rate it charges for purchases.

There is also a balance transfer option from SCU where the interest rate is the same as the low-rate credit card, however conditions apply.

The number of interest-free days on purchases on SCU credit cards is moderate.

SCU credit card review

SCU credit cards are likely to suit only those people who want a card at the lower end of the market.

Sydney Credit Union doesn’t offer any cards that give rewards or major perks. Instead, it focuses on credit cards that are low-cost, and might best suit customers on a budget.

The credit limit on SCU credit cards starts low and can go high, however a customer’s financial position will determine what credit limit is set.

SCU only has branches in Sydney, although there are rediATMs throughout the country that members can have access to.

SCU credit cards can be used in a digital wallet with Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay. SCU credit card customers can also use the SCU mobile banking app (SCU Pocket Banking) as well as its internet banking website for desktop.

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