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  • Free Supplementary Cards


The St George Bank Amplify Classic credit card allows cardholders to earn rewards points with Amplify Rewards, a rewards program owned by Westpac. Amplify Rewards members can redeem these points on travel, retail, financial services and more. These points can also be automatically redeemed as Velocity Frequent Flyer points.

This credit card offers a moderate number of interest free days, and the ability to add one extra cardholder at no additional cost. St George will waive the annual fee in the first year, after which it will revert to the standard, moderate fee.

There is also a balance transfer offer up for grabs, with a very low interest rate for 36 months, after which any remaining balance will revert to the same high interest rate on cash advances. Like most rewards cards, the St George Bank Amplify Classic credit card also has a moderately high interest rate. 

  • Earn Amplify Rewards points
  • Free additional cardholder
  • Balance transfer offer
  • Moderately high interest rate
  • Moderate annual fee (after first year)
  • No complimentary insurance

Who is it good for?

The St George Bank Amplify Classic credit card could be a good option for current St George customers who are already Amplify Rewards members or are shopping around for a rewards program. The ability to link this credit card to an existing St George bank account could also make it appealing to this type of customer.

Rewards credit cards are generally suited to moderate and big spenders, since the more you spend the more rewards points you earn, so this card would be more suitable for customers who are already comfortable putting the majority of their expenses on a credit card.

That said, the moderately high interest rate on this credit card will be a disadvantage if you don’t pay off your credit card in full each month, with interest quickly able to stack up. 

What RateCity says

The St George Bank Amplify Classic credit card is one of many rewards credit cards on the market. Offering points in the lesser-known Amplify Rewards program, this card seems to be designed for existing St George customers, with the ability to link the credit card to a current St George bank account.

Amplify Rewards is owned by Westpac, and is offered with St George products, as well as several other smaller banks owned by Westpac. There is little about this rewards program to separate it from the many others currently available, so customers should do their own research to decide whether it adds any value to them.

The St George Bank Amplify Classic credit card has the standard moderately high interest rate that comes with almost all rewards cards, but few other perks to speak of, making it more of a convenient credit card for current St George customers. 


To apply for the St George Bank Amplify Classic credit card you must be at least 18 years old and an Australian citizen or permanent resident. You can apply online in only 10 minutes, and can expect an instant response. Once you’re ready to apply, make sure that you have some form of identification, employment details and proof of income on hand hand, such as recent bank statements or payslips. 

About the lender

St George Bank is currently headquartered in Sydney, and since 2008 has been a subsidiary of Westpac Banking Corporation. St George Bank was originally founded as a building society in 1937, then known as St George Co-operative Building Society Ltd, and was later established as a bank and public company in 1997. Today, St George Bank has branches and ATMs throughout Australia. Customers can contact St George 24/7 to report a lost or stolen card.


Credit cards offering rewards can be great if you know you’ll use the card enough to get significant rewards points, and use the rewards you earn.

They can also come with high annual fees that may end up nullifying the rewards, so think how often you use the card to decide whether the benefits outweigh the extra cost for you. A card with a lower annual fee might require a lot of spending to get any useful rewards, while another card with a higher annual fee might need fewer purchases to get a reward.

Also, think about the types of benefits you’d like. There’s no point in getting a card with rewards for retailers you never visit, or travel you don’t have time to use.

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