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Vertigo Platinum



Electronic Wallet Service

Important Rates


Balance Transfer

Overseas spending



  • Free Domestic Travel Insurance
  • Free International Travel Insurance Cover lasts for 180 days per year
  • Free Supplementary Cards
  • Purchase Protection Cover lasts for 120 days per year
  • Price Guarantee If you purchase personal goods in Australia and then find the same product advertised later in a printed catalogue at a cheaper price within 21 days of purchase, from a store within 25km of the store where the item was purchased, you can claim back the difference if it is more than $75 and less than $500.
  • Extended Warranty
  • Concierge


The St. George Bank Vertigo Platinum credit card has a moderate annual fee, moderately low interest rates and a moderately low late or missed payment fee. Card holders are permitted to add up to three additional card holders (age 16 or over) at no extra cost. The card does not have an associated rewards program.

The St. George Bank Vertigo Platinum credit card has an introductory balance transfer offer for new card holders. New customers will enjoy 0 per cent interest on balance transfers for 26 months. After the offer has expired, the card’s moderately low interest rates will apply.

Although the St. George Bank Vertigo Platinum card does not have an associated rewards scheme, the card does offer complimentary overseas travel insurance for trips up to six months, as well as purchase insurance that protects against theft, loss or damage to select purchases.

  • Three free additional cardholders
  • Free travel and purchase insurance
  • 0% balance transfer offer
  • Charges an annual fee
  • No rewards scheme
  • No frequent flyer points



Who is it good for?

The St. George Bank Vertigo Platinum credit card is best for customers seeking to transfer existing debt to a new card. The Vertigo Platinum card offers a full 26 months with 0 per cent interest on balance transfers, making this an attractive opportunity for those who are working to pay off debt.

This card is not well suited to potential customers who like to be rewarded for their credit card use. The St. George Bank Vertigo Platinum card does not offer a rewards program, so card holders cannot earn points or frequent flyer miles on their purchases. Those who wish to earn rewards for their spending should consider a credit card with a rewards program that suits their needs.

This card is also not particularly suitable for overseas use. The card charges a foreign transaction fee for purchases made abroad and for purchases made within Australia from international vendors.

What RateCity says

The St. George Bank Vertigo Platinum card offers a beneficial balance transfer deal, making this card a sensible choice for customers with existing debt. The card grants customers a full 26 months at 0 per cent interest on all balance transfers, which may help some take control of their debt.

However, this card offers no unexpected benefits to customers who do not need to take advantage of the balance transfer offer. The card is not especially suited to card holders who wish to minimise costs, nor does it serve those who want to earn rewards through an associated scheme.

Potential customers who want to earn frequent flyer benefits or rewards points for their purchases may be better off with a card that earns points or miles. Budget card holders who want to eliminate unnecessary fees should consider a card with no annual fee.


Customers can apply for the St. George Bank Vertigo Platinum card online, over the phone or in a St. George bank branch. Applying online takes only 10 minutes and customers will receive an instant response. To apply, you must be at least 18 years old and an Australian permanent resident. You’ll need to submit proof of identity, such as your Australian driver’s licence, as well as income, employment and financial commitment details. 

About St. George Bank

St. George Bank is one of Australia’s leading brands for retail and business banking. Founded in 1937, St. George bank is headquartered in Sydney. St. George provides banking solutions for both individuals and businesses, with their offering encompassing bank accounts, credit cards, home loans and personal loans. The bank also delivers international travel services such as travel money cards, foreign cash and travel insurance. In 2008, St. George Bank became a part of the Westpac Group.

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