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Woolworths Employees CU Credit Cards

Woolworths Employees’ Credit Union has been providing financial services to Woolworths employees and their immediate family members since 1971.

All members pay a fee when joining, making them equal part owners with other members of Woolworths Employees’ Credit Union. According to Woolworths, profits are put back into the credit union to help improve products and services for members.  

Members have access to credit card services, everyday bank accounts, savings accounts, loans, insurance and financial planning.

Woolworths Employees CU Credit Cards rates

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About Woolworths Employees’ Credit Union credit cards

Members of Woolworths Employees’ Credit Union only have one card to choose from. The Woolworths Employees’ Credit Union credit card is a standard-level Visa that does not offer the types of perks and rewards that are typically found with platinum credit cards.

Woolworths Employees’ Credit Union credit card rates are moderate for purchases and cash advances. There is no promotional balance transfer rate or purchase interest rate available for new customers.

Employees of Woolworths can receive a high credit card limit with this Visa card. They will also get a moderate amount of interest-free days to pay off their credit card debt before interest kicks in.

The Woolworths Employees’ Credit Union credit card comes with a moderately low annual credit card fee in addition to an annual fee for supplementary cards.

Woolworths Employees’ Credit Union credit cards review

This card is only available to employees of Woolworths and their immediate family members. All other potential customers will have to look at other options for a credit card.

With only a standard-level Visa card available, Woolworths Employees’ Credit Union offers its members a credit card without all the bells and whistles. Those employees who want a platinum card with perks and rewards will need to consider other credit card providers.

The Woolworths Employees’ Credit Union credit card is a barebones Visa credit card, as it does not come with any special offers or advantages.

Even as a card that is offered exclusively to selected Australians, there isn’t much here for Woolworths employees to get excited about. With moderate interest rates on purchases and cash advances, members could probably find better rates and/or perks elsewhere.

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