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Buying Bitcoin? Compare cryptocurrency exchanges

Buying Bitcoin? Compare cryptocurrency exchanges

Are you thinking about buying Bitcoin but aren’t sure what exchange to use? The better ones are secure, easy to navigate, cost-effective and accept a variety of payment methods in Australian dollars. 

Buying cryptocurrency is easier than you think. Simply register with a cryptocurrency exchange and invest as much money as you feel comfortable with into the crypto coin of your choice. 

Keep reading to compare some of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia.

Disclaimer: Investing in virtual currencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs) is complex, may involve significant risk, and is very speculative. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and can be sensitive to external influences. The platforms where you buy and sell cryptocurrencies and ICOs are not regulated. If the platform fails, or is hacked, you are not protected. You are only protected to the extent where cryptocurrency platforms fit within existing laws, such as tax laws. The performance of cryptocurrencies are unpredictable and past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Before acting on the information provided by RateCity, consider your own financial circumstances and obtain your own independent advice. Employees of RateCity may have holdings in cryptocurrencies. None of the information on this page is intended to be investment advice.

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