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Diamond Energy energy rates

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Diamond Energy serves residential and small business customers in areas where Energex is the distributor, including parts of Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland. 

When you switch to Diamond Energy, the company’s Australia-based team helps you get ongoing discounts. They also guide you on ways to conserve energy and save costs. Diamond Energy promises competitive rates and offers discounts for paying on time and setting up a direct debit. Their solar feed-in tariff is also attractive, and they don’t charge any exit fees if you decide to leave. 

Diamond Energy rates and offers

You can opt for a single rate or a time-of-use (TOU) plan with Diamond Energy. Single rate plans are also called flat-rate or anytime plans because you pay the same tariff irrespective of the time of day or day of the week that you use electricity. If you opt for a TOU plan, you typically pay higher rates for consumption during peak hours, slightly lower rates when the load on the grid is lower (called shoulder hours), and lower during off-peak hours.

On both these plans, Diamond Energy allows you to add one or two controlled loads. These are separately metered circuits for equipment that puts a heavy load on the grid, that you can operate during off-peak hours. For example, you could opt for a controlled load for your water heating. Once you enter your postcode on the website, you can see Diamond Energy electricity rates and plans available in your area. You will be shown how the price you’ll be paying compares with the reference price - the benchmark set by the government. 

Diamond Energy offers a 7 per cent discount if you always pay on time, and 3 per cent if you set up a direct debit to pay your bills. Unlike many other electricity companies, these discounts don’t stop after a short benefit period, but are instead ongoing. When you pay on time, the discount appears as a credit on your next bill. Diamond Energy generally bills residential customers every quarter and small businesses every month.

As far as possible, they bill you on actual meter reads rather than an estimated amount. If your bill is delayed, Diamond Energy says it may be because the distributor hasn’t sent your meter data. You can set up a direct debit from your bank account to pay your electricity bill by filling out the form on this page. Diamond Energy will process the payment 14 days after issuing you a bill. 

If you have a battery, there are times when Diamond Energy Australia will purchase your stored battery electricity. You get a credit of 100c per kWh, so you can save on your electricity bill. 

Diamond Energy’s referral program

If you like Diamond Energy’s services and think your friends may like them too, you can participate in the referral program. This program is called Thrive and rewards you with discounts and credits when people you’ve referred sign on with Diamond. Here’s how it works.

  • You can start participating by referring one customer. You receive ongoing discounts for each person referred by you who switches to Diamond. If a customer you referred goes on to refer others, you get additional credits.
  • For every account you referred that becomes a Diamond Energy customer, you get a Thrive Discount of 2 per cent on your usage and daily supply charges, and it’s applied before any solar credits are taken into account. This discount continues as long as the referred customer stays with Diamond, but after 2 years, it reduces from 2 to 1 per cent. 
  • When a customer you’ve referred goes on to refer others, they start earning their Thrive Rewards, but you also benefit. You get a $25 credit to your account for each customer they refer that switches to Diamond Energy.
  • Diamond Energy gives a $35 sign-on credit and waives the establishment fee for someone who’s been referred and decides to become a customer.
  • If a user you refer decides to leave Diamond, you will no longer get the Thrive Discount related to that customer.
  • You can only earn Thrive Discounts if you opt for the pay-on-time option. If you miss a payment, you will not get the Thrive Discount for that period, but you can start getting it once again after your account is back on track.
  • Thrive Discounts are offered only to residential customers who consume less than 30 kWh per day.

Opt for more renewable energy

Diamond Energy sources biogas, wind, wave and solar energy from a portfolio of renewable generators across Australia. The company says it is continually adding more clean and efficient renewable generators to this portfolio.

As this energy provider delivers more electricity sourced from Australian renewable energy generators to the grid than what their customers consume, signing up with them is one way to support sustainability objectives. The net greenhouse gas emissions reduced thanks to their renewable energy generators exceeds emissions from the electricity consumed by customers. 

You can switch to Diamond Energy by signing up on their website. If you are eligible for any concessions or rebates, you will continue to receive these after you switch to Diamond Energy. 

If you would like to speak with the customer service team, call the Diamond Energy contact number 1300 838 009 from Monday to Friday between 8.30 am to 6.00 pm AEDT. You can also contact them by sending an email to [email protected] The online chat on the website is also a convenient way to get your queries answered quickly during business hours. 

Learn more about energy

How to find cheap gas and electricity?

One of the best ways to find cheaper gas and electricity plans is to compare the plans offered by various service providers in your area. You can compare any perks or discounts available from the retailers and the standard costs and fees. You’ll also be able to calculate the estimated monthly, quarterly, and annual costs.

Be careful choosing based solely on these upfront perks or costs, however. These discounts or lower usage perks may end when the contract or benefit period expires on your current plan. When you compare online, you can often find a better plan. 

Your total energy bill includes supply and usage charges, which vary from one provider to another. You can shop around online to find a retailer that offers competitive prices on these charges and any other fees. Discounts can help reduce your bill, and it makes sense to review your bill and think about how to find cheaper gas and electric providers at least once a year.