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EnergyAustralia is one of Australia’s main energy providers, supplying electricity and gas in the Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia. This energy retailer serves over 1.7 million customers across Australia. 

As one of the top producers of fossil fuels, EnergyAustralia has made recent moves towards reducing its carbon footprint. The retailer now offers the option of100 per cent carbon-neutral energy in your home at no extra cost.  EnergyAustralia acknowledges it has a significant responsibility to reduce carbon emissions because is is among Australia’s major generators of power from fossil fuels. The company produces around 22 million tonnes of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, each year. EnergyAustralia is trying to transition to cleaner sources of power and says it has invested over $3 billion in over 1000MW of renewable generation.

EnergyAustralia plans

You can get cost estimates for EnergyAustralia gas and electricity plans by entering a few details. Enter your address or postcode, then specify whether you want a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or annual cost estimate.

Next, you need to enter whether your household energy consumption is low - up to 5 kWh, or medium - 5 to 10 kWh, high - 10 to 20 kWh. You also have an option to enter a custom number if these estimates don’t match your regular energy consumption level. You can follow a similar process for gas consumption and can specify what percentage of your energy you want in the form of GreenPower. Once you’re finished, you’ll get an estimate of how much an EnergyAustralia plan would cost you. 

Basic Home

This is the standard offer from EnergyAustralia. The electricity price for flat-tariff contracts is set by the Australian Energy Regulator, without any discounts or other benefits. If you are on any other tariff or are a customer of gas, you pay rates set by EnergyAustralia. Basic Home plan rates may change, and EnergyAustralia will notify you before this happens. Basic Home is an ongoing plan, so you don’t need to renew it each year. 

No Frills

With the No Frills plan, you are assured that your usage and supply charges won't increase for 12 months, but other fees and charges such as solar feed-in tariffs and GreenPower may vary. 

Total Plan

EnergyAustralia’s Total Plan includes a guaranteed discount on market usage rates and daily supply charges. Your contract is for 12 months, and usage and supply charges won't increase during this time. Other fees and charges, including solar feed-in tariffs and GreenPower may vary. 

EnergyAustralia offers a $25 sign up credit to residential customers who sign up online for an electricity or gas market offer.

EnergyAustralia may use the information you submit while applying for a connection to run a credit check. They may contact one of the Credit Reporting Bureaus (CRBs), such as Equifax Australia, illion or Experian Australia.

EnergyAustralia solar feed-in tariff

If your home has solar panels and you generate more power than what you consume, you can export the surplus to the grid. You receive a feed-in tariff for this power that you export. This is a set rate per kWh and is credited to your bill. 

You can earn the solar feed-in tariff with any of EnergyAustralia’s plans. 

Managing your EnergyAustralia account online

EnergyAustralia’s ‘My Account’ is a web and mobile app that allows you to manage your account conveniently. You can use My Account to set up your preferences, such as how you would like to receive bills.  You can view and pay your bills on this platform and also set up a direct debit from your bank account. 

If you need to give a family member, friend or colleague access to your account to share the responsibility of managing it, you can add users from My Account. My Account is also the easiest way to submit moving house requests. 

If you want to understand your energy consumption better, you can view dynamic charts in My Account. Alternatively, log a request if you need an extract of the data for a specific time period, and you will receive a personalised report. 

Connection and disconnection when moving house

If you’re an EnergyAustralia customer and are moving house, you can schedule your move online or by calling. You will need to tell the retailer three business days in advance. Let EnergyAustralia know your move-in date and address, and the retailer will disconnect your old home and connect your new one. EnergyAustralia may need a form of ID such as your passport, driver's licence or Medicare number, and details of any concessions that should be applied to your energy account. 

If you need to be connected quicker, you can contact EnergyAustralia’s moving house experts at 1800 702 684. They may be able to move things faster for you. 

If you’re moving to a newly constructed property, check whether meters have been installed. If not, you will need to fill in a form for a new meter installation. 

Switching to EnergyAustralia

If you have found an EnergyAustralia plan that suits you, you may decide to switch from your current energy retailer. 

EnergyAustralia’s instructions are that you should inform your current retailer. This is different from most other energy providers, who assure you that you only need to enter into the contract with them, and they will take care of informing your current retailer.

When you switch to EnergyAustralia, you will need to provide your address, the connection date, your contact information, and ID such as your passport, driver's licence or Medicare number.

How to make your home carbon neutral with EnergyAustralia

You can choose to opt-in to EnergyAustralia’s Go Neutral program to make your home energy use carbon neutral. Under this program, EnergyAustralia will calculate the emissions associated with your household energy use and buy carbon offsets to cancel out the emissions. The offset starts on the six-month anniversary of the date your EnergyAustralia account is established.

Carbon offsets mean that EnergyAustralia invests in projects accredited under the National Carbon Offset Standard. 

Learn more about energy

How to find cheap gas and electricity?

One of the best ways to find cheaper gas and electricity plans is to compare the plans offered by various service providers in your area. You can compare any perks or discounts available from the retailers and the standard costs and fees. You’ll also be able to calculate the estimated monthly, quarterly, and annual costs.

Be careful choosing based solely on these upfront perks or costs, however. These discounts or lower usage perks may end when the contract or benefit period expires on your current plan. When you compare online, you can often find a better plan. 

Your total energy bill includes supply and usage charges, which vary from one provider to another. You can shop around online to find a retailer that offers competitive prices on these charges and any other fees. Discounts can help reduce your bill, and it makes sense to review your bill and think about how to find cheaper gas and electric providers at least once a year.