Compare 1 year fixed mortgages

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Compare 1 year fixed mortgages


A one year fixed mortgage offers the opportunity for Australians to lock in their interest rates for a fixed period to reap the benefit of low interest rates or to stabilise repayments. At RateCity you can search and compare low interest one year fixed rate mortgages and apply for the one that best suits your requirements.

The major attraction of fixed interest rate mortgages is the ability to secure a low rate for an agreed period of time. During the fixed period of your loan you will not be affected by any interest rate rises that would apply to variable rate mortgages. At the same time, if rates fall during the fixed period of your loan term you will not benefit from this.

Fixing your loan can be a gamble as it’s extremely hard to predict rate rises or cuts, but if the rates do rise and you’ve already fixed your loan, you could save hundreds of dollars depending on the size and length of the mortgage.

If you are thinking you’d like to fix your home loan while interest rates are low you don’t have to fix it for the entire term length, consider a one year fixed mortgage.

Another attractive feature of a fixed rate mortgage is the ability to stabilise your repayments. While your interest rates are locked in place – so are your repayments. This allows many borrowers to budget their finances better as they know exactly how much money will be coming out of their account each month.

As with all mortgage options, there are downsides to consider. When choosing a fixed rate mortgage be aware that interest rates could be cut, in which case you could miss out on saving extra money off your repayments because you will be locked into the higher rate.

If you elect for a one year fixed period your mortgage will return to a variable interest rate after the year has expired. You could then choose whether to lock in a fixed rate for a further period or revert to a variable interest rate. Unfortunately some lenders do charge a fee for the privilege so it’s best to read the Product Disclosure Statement before you sign.

See what some of Australia’s best lenders are offering by comparing an extensive range of fixed mortgages below. You can also compare fixed rate mortgages against variable rates to help make your decision that little but easier.

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