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Compare Home loans in Adelaide


Home loans in Adelaide

Despite suffering a slight downturn in recent years, Adelaide’s home loan sector and property market is slowly growing and is catching up with the similar cities like Brisbane and Canberra. A highly liveable city, Adelaide always has a healthy property demand due to the fact that most of the South Australian population live there.

What do I need to know about Adelaide?

Unlike many of Australia’s major cities, Adelaide is highly planned in a grid configuration. This planning has provided ample parking, multi-lane roads and several parklands. The city sits on the southern coastline and features a number of popular beaches and tourist attractions. As one of Australia’s most historic cities, Adelaide has been known for decades as the ‘City of Churches’. This makes the city highly attractive to tourists, with foreign and interstate travellers alike journeying to Adelaide for holidays.

What about Adelaide’s economy and property market?

Adelaide is the hub of the local and state administrative and government bodies, as well as having financial institutions, defence industries, health services and manufacturing providing most of the employment and driving the city’s economy.

Historically, Adelaide has been one of the wealthiest of Australia’s capital cities with a booming property market. This has been the case since around 2012 when a sharp decline in the market occurred. Adelaide is slowly recovering from this with prices now growing steadily. The reduction in the manufacturing industry in the state did contribute to this downturn and resulted in lower employment figures. Thankfully, lost employment opportunities and production has now been taken up by other industries. 

How does this compare to other capital cities?

Although Adelaide does not have the level of industry of some other Australian cities, the presence of a defence industry and financial institutions does put the city on a par with Brisbane but just below Sydney and Melbourne. What the city lacks in industry it makes up for with a high liveability factor and less congestion. Adelaide’s economy is also more stable than cities that rely on external factors and commodity prices to bolster its economy. 

Why should I get a home loan in Adelaide?

The home loan sector in Adelaide is regulated and managed nationally by the federal government. Most laws governing fees and loan rates stem from the Commonwealth government and national banking agencies. This makes the sector in the city similar to other capital cities in Australia. With less demand than other cities, Adelaide’s property market is generally more affordable and offers more choice.

The structured layout also makes the city a convenient and pleasurable place in which to live and work. The road network has roads with several lanes to ease traffic flow, and there are minimal roadworks and reduced traffic congestion with highways and expressways directing residents easily from the suburbs to downtown. The parklands and cultural features continue the visual appeal. 

What problems might I encounter?

Adelaide is subject to the same stamp duty and land taxes as other cities, as well as local government regulations and rates. Due to the historic nature of the city, heritage protection laws and regulations may cover some properties. This could mean you will be restricted as to how you can use or renovate the property. Also, Adelaide is subject to hotter and longer summers than most capital cities in Australia. This increases the risk of fire and drought; factors that need to be taken into account when you consider getting a home loan in the city.  

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